10 Zoo Animal Crafts for Kids

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    Zoo Animal Crafts for Kids

    Pretend your spending the day at the zoo with these zoo animal crafts for kids. Elephants, crocodiles, lions, tigers, and more can be created to fill your fantasy menagerie or let your kids take on those personas. Your kids will love learning more about these different zoo animals while also having fun crafting.

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    Create a Few Fun Climbing Critters

    This craftivity is not only fun, but it also lets kids create a moving toy from start to finish. Draw zoo animals, then attach straws to the back. Thread yarn or string through the straws to make a climbing toy. It can be a fun party craft as the kids can then race their climbing critters to see which can get to the top first.

    Create a Few Fun Climbing Critters from Make and Takes

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    Adorable Giraffe Finger Puppet Craft

    Your little ones will love playing pretend zoo with these giraffe puppets. This puppet is easy to make from cardstock and then the kids can put their imaginations to work as giraffes in the zoo or in the wild. Once you've made giraffes, let your kids decide what other animal puppets they can create in similar ways.

    Adorable Giraffe Finger Puppet Craft from I Heart Crafty Things

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    Paper Plate Tiger

    This paper plate craft is tiger-tastic. It's orange, striped, and has cute tiger ears. Besides the tiger, there are also patterns to make paper plate and tissue paper elephants, seahorses, and monkeys.

    Paper Plate Tiger from Glued To My Crafts Blog

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    Easy Lion Mask Craft

    Your kiddos will roar over this lion mask craft. Even toddlers can make this all on their own with just a little bit of adult help.

    Easy Lion Mask Craft from Danya Banya

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    Paper Chain Snake

    Paper chains are both easy and fun to make. Turn a simple paper chain craft into a slithering snake from the zoo.

    Paper Chain Snake from Raising Little Superheroes

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    Sponge Painted Elmer the Elephant Craft

    Craft these colorful elephants with sponges and paint. Hang these in your home to admire your kid's handiwork.

    Sponge Painted Elmer the Elephant Craft from Buggy and Buddy

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    Craft Stick Crocodile Craft

    Craft sticks and googly eyes make crocodiles look super silly. Grab a few green pipe cleaners and you'll be ready to make this craft.

    Craft Stick Crocodile Craft from Easy Peasy and Fun

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    Peacock Craft

    Peacock Craft
    Clare's Little Tots

    Learn more about those exotic peacocks by doing this craft with your kids. Use multicolored feathers to decorate a plate into a peacock.

    Peacock Craft from Clare's Little Tots

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    Coffee Filter Butterfly

    Coffee Filter Butterfly

    Check out the butterfly exhibit with these cute coffee filter butterflies. Your kids will love decorating their very own fluttering friends with this tutorial.

    Coffee Filter Butterfly from The Spruce

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    Zoo, Zoo, Zoo Pal Masks

    If you happen to have an unused stock of Hefty Zoo Pals paper plates (now discontinued), you can easily turn them into a mask. If you missed out on them, you will need to be a little craftier to draw zoo animal faces on plates, perhaps gluing on ears from smaller plates.

    Zoo, Zoo, Zoo Pal Masks from Make and Takes