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Illustration: The Spruce / Kelly Miller

You'll see some beautiful images in this collection of free star clip art. There are stars in all different colors with a variety of 5-7 points. They're so beautiful, they might just take your breath away.

All these free star clip art images are free for you to download and use in your personal projects. See each website for instructions on downloading the best high-quality image.

You can find more free clip art of suns, flowers, butterflies, fish, hearts, and Christmas images. All the images are free and will make a great addition to whatever printed or online project you're working on.

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    MyCuteGraphics' Free Star Clip Art

    A yellow rounded star.

    MyCuteGraphics has free star clip art in a variety of colors and form.

    Children holding stars and black and white stars are some of the others you can find at MyCuteGraphics.

    Many of the star clip art are of good quality that can be downloaded with a right-click of the full-sized image.

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    Free Star Clip Art at Clker

    A blue bubble star.

    A full page of free star clip art can be found at Clker.

    There are white stars, ninja stars, North stars, and circle stars that are freely available for download, all of which are available as small and large download sizes.

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    Free Star Clip Art at Webweaver's Free Clipart

    A yellow shooting star.

    Webweaver's Free Clipart has many free star clip art files. 

    There are a few animated stars and even more still images. The free star clip art files to be found here are of relatively small size, but they can be useful if you're using more than one.

    To download the star clip art in its max size, click on the thumbnail image once and then right-click to save it.

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    All-Free-Download's Free Star Clip Art

    A group of star clip art images

    There are tons of free star clip art available at All-Free-Download.

    The variety of free star clip art here is great. There are star patterns, stars mixed with Christmas images, star backgrounds, and many other types.

    Downloads at All-Free-Download come in the ZIP format.

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    Free Star Clip Art at Free Clip Art Now

    A screenshot of 9 different star clip art images.
    Free Clip Art Now

    Free Clip Art Now's collection of free star clip art includes 5 point stars, groups of stars, and 7 point stars.

    There are different colors and certainly unique shapes of free star clip art.

    The full size of each image is listed on every download page before you save the picture.

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    Free Cute Clipart's Free Star Clip Art

    All Star Gold
    shaneillustration / Getty Images

    Free Cute Clipart has several free star clip art downloads.

    There are three sections of star clip art here. You can find a variety of colored 6-pointed stars, Christmas lights in the form of stars, and also a set of gold stars.

    Just right-click any of these images at Free Cute Clipart to save them to your computer.

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    Free Star Clip Art at FableVision

    ulimi / Getty Images

    FableVision's free star clip art is in the form of a sketch or hand-drawn design.

    There are almost 20 star clip art downloads in black and white at FableVision. Click any image to have it open in a new tab, from where you it's ready for download in GIF.