The Best Cotton Yarn for Crocheting

Cotton yarn for crocheting

Harald Walker / Stocksy United

When you think about yarn for crochet, your mind might automatically drift to the standard wool or the more popular acrylic yarns that are common on the market today. However, don't forget to consider cotton. Cotton yarn crochet is a top choice when you want to create light items like springtime garments, summer shawls, and all-season blankets. It is also perfect for any item that might get wet, whether that's a crochet swimsuit or a kitchen towel. But not all cotton is created equally; so let's take a look at the best cotton yarns for crochet.

Scrubby Yarn by Red Heart

If you want to crochet items for the home, including washcloths and dish towels, then look no further than Red Heart Scrubby Yarn, which comes in both a textured and smooth version. Scrubby Cotton is rich in texture, designed to actually "scrub" your dishes clean, so it is one of the top options on the market for people looking to actually scour their kitchens with crochet. Scrubby Smoothie is a soft cotton yarn that can be combined in projects with Scrubby Cotton or used on its own. The latter can be used for garments, blankets, and decor. Both types come in both solid colors and prints, in 100 g balls for the former and 85 grams for the latter. Scrubby Cotton is slightly more expensive than Scrubby Smoothie but both are highly affordable yarns.

Kitchen Cotton Yarn

When you ask someone for a recommendation for cotton yarn, they might ask if you want "kitchen cotton," which refers to sturdy, absorbent yarn that is designed for use around the home. It comes in an array of bright shades that will make a kitchen design pop. This is an affordable yarn that comes in balls that are 99 yards in length, perfect for small projects like dish scrubbies.

Sprightly Cotton Worsted Yarn

If you are looking for a really basic cotton yarn that is multi-functional and comes in an array of colors, then check out Sprightly Cotton Worsted. A skein might seem a little pricier than you're used to until you realize that you're getting more than 500 yards in each one, then you see that it's a terrific price. This is a very soft yarn that is a pleasure to work with. It's definitely one of the most versatile cotton yarn options on the market.

Cloudborn Pima Cotton DK Weight Yarn

People who are willing to pay a little bit more for slightly more luxurious cotton will find that Cloudborn Pima Cotton is a nice choice. It's not too expensive, although it's more than the average skein, and it has the lush airy feeling of a DK weight Pima cotton. This is a durable yarn in bright colors, perfect for crocheting summer clothing and accessories.

Knit Picks Simply Cotton Organic Worsted Yarn

People who want to make eco-friendly, non-chemical choices with their yarn may want to consider looking for organic cotton yarn. A soft, affordable choice is Simply Cotton Organic, available as a worsted weight yarn. It is an unbleached, undyed yarn that you could opt to dye yourself or to work within its natural "marshmallow" color. This is not a good choice for people who want a big color range and don't want to dye their own but it is a perfect choice for people seeking organic cotton for crochet.

Paton's Grace Mercerized Cotton

Most of the cotton that people buy for crochet today is unmercerized but you should know about mercerized cotton as well. This type of yarn takes dye well, creating a lustrous shine that is beautiful to work with. Mercerized cotton was used in vintage thread crochet and can still be found today in brands like Paton's Grace. You get about 130 yards per ball, and you'll notice that it is more expensive than other types of cotton yarn.

It's a Wrap by Red Heart

When looking for cotton yarn, consider not only 100 percent cotton but also cotton blends. It's a Wrap is a soft blend of 50 percent cotton and 50 percent acrylic. It's a Wrap is a super lightweight yarn in colorways that create their own ombre. These are perfect for one-skein shawl projects that change color from top to bottom. You get 1100 yards in one ball, which can be used to inexpensively complete a whole project. 

Shawl in a Ball by Lion Brand

Both Shawl in a Ball and Shawl in a Cake by Lion Brand are very similar to It's a Wrap by Red Heart. They each have a little bit more cotton and a little less acrylic in their blend than the Red Heart yarn, and they have a richer array of color choices, including both stripes and metallics. The price, while still affordable, is about twice as much that of It's a Wrap because the balls are smaller.