The 15 Best Art-Forward Jigsaw Puzzles For Rainy Days

Our favorites from Ravensburger, eeBoo, Minted, Jiggy, Areaware, and more

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Best Jigsaw Puzzles

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If you think traveling is more fun than arriving at your destination, then you probably enjoy doing a puzzle now and again. The timeless activity encourages critical thinking, spatial reasoning, and the use of fine motor skills.

We've compiled the most challenging, entertaining, beautiful, satisfying, and fun jigsaws on the market. Our favorites include a colorful candy scene from Springbok, a wooden owl from Hartmaze, and an iconic museum on full display from The MET.

Here, the best jigsaw puzzles available.

Our Top Picks

Springbok 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Candy Galore

 Springbok's 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Candy Galore

Courtesy of Amazon

Puzzle preferences vary based on difficulty level and the number of pieces, but artwork is also a big consideration. The pieces of the Springbok Jigsaw Puzzle Candy Galore are precision-cut from thick 75-point cardboard to ensure a frustration-free fit. Not only that, but each piece is unique, which presents a fun challenge.

With candy shop imagery, it's sure to satisfy almost anyone's tastes—but you might want to put some actual candy out on the table to sweeten the experience. Springbok puzzles are made with 100 percent recycled materials and printed with sustainably sourced organic ink. The brand also offers a satisfaction guarantee to cover any missing pieces.

Dimensions: ‎30 x 24 inches | Number of Pieces: 1000 | Age Recommendation: 3 years and up

Zazzle Modern Minimalist Puzzle

Zazzle Modern Minimalist Puzzle


For lovers of modern art, look to this minimalist puzzle from Zazzle. The colors, shapes, and design evoke modern artists that play with simple designs that pack a punch. Once finished, this will make a statement in a gallery wall or still sitting on the kitchen table. However, with so many pieces of the same color, it may take a little while to complete. This will pose a fun challenge for avid puzzlers of all ages.

Dimensions: ‎11 x 14 inches | Number of Pieces: 252 | Age Recommendation: Not listed

Areaware Gradient Puzzle

Areaware Gradient Puzzle


If you haven't purchased a puzzle in a while, you might be pleased to see that gradient jigsaws are having a moment. This one from Areaware features a colorful ombre-esque design that subtly shifts from shades of pink to purple with beautiful light-reflecting details. Made from sturdy chipboard with precision-cut pieces, this is a high-quality jigsaw puzzle you can do again and again.

The gradient imagery makes it more difficult than most jigsaw puzzles, which is perfect for adults who crave a challenge. While each piece has a unique shape, the hues are nearly indistinguishable from those next to it. Focusing to find the exact right piece is part of the fun and makes finishing the puzzle all the more satisfying.

Dimensions: ‎18 x 24 inches | Number of Pieces: 500 | Age Recommendation: 6 years and up

The MET Favorite Galleries of The Met Puzzle

The MET Favorite Galleries of The Met Puzzle


Celebrate one of the most iconic art museums in the world with this puzzle from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you can't make the trip to New York City, bring some of the favorite galleries right to your living room. This unique puzzle features a slice of the landmark with the iconic steps and snapshots from nine popular galleries. It helps you to more closely appreciate famous paintings and artifacts as you assemble your own piece of art history.

Dimensions: ‎18 x 24 inches | Number of Pieces: 300 | Age Recommendation: 6 years and up

Ravensburger African Animals 3000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


Courtesy of Amazon

If you're up for a challenge, the 3,000-piece Ravensburger African Animals Jigsaw Puzzle will keep you busy for hours—and maybe days. It features a brightly colored scene of exotic animals in the African Serengeti, from lions and zebras to a giraffe. This jigsaw puzzle is made with extra-thick cardboard and linen-structured paper for a durable, glare-free design.

Ravensburger has been making toys for over a century and has sold over 1 billion puzzles. The brand's puzzles are known for their Softclick technology. This means the puzzle pieces are cut with such precision that you hear an actual "click" when you put them together—a satisfying sound that never gets old.

Dimensions: ‎17 x 12 inches | Number of Pieces: 3000 | Age Recommendation: 12 years and up

Jiggy No Rain No Flowers Puzzle by Ana Hard

Jiggy No Rain No Flowers, Ana Hard

Photo courtesy of Jiggy Puzzles

Female founded puzzle brand Jiggy puts beautiful art first when creating their products. Each puzzle partners with a working artist to create a unique and attractive design you would be proud seeing on your walls. No Rain No Flowers features a display of different varieties and colors of blooms to assemble and admire. The design comes from Ana Hard, creative designer from Bilbao, Spain obsessed with small, hidden details. Each Jiggy puzzles comes in a reusable glass jar with a tube of puzzle glue and and a tool to spread it.

Dimensions: ‎18 x 14 inches | Number of Pieces: 450 | Age Recommendation: Not Listed

EuroGraphics Great Wave Kanagawa by Hokusai Puzzle

Great Wave Kanagawa by Hokusai Puzzle

Courtesy of EuroGraphics

Artwork is part of the fun with jigsaw puzzles, and with the EuroGraphics Great Wave of Kanagawa by Hokusai Puzzle, you can work your way toward a masterpiece. The original Japanese woodblock print was published in the early 1800s. Now, the Great Wave of Kanagawa is one of the most recognized works of art in the world—it's even an emoji!  The pieces are virtually unbreakable and easy to fit together. Made from recycled cardboard and printed with vegetable-based ink, this fine-art jigsaw puzzle is a safe and non-toxic product.

Dimensions: ‎19.25 x 26.5 inches | Number of Pieces: 1000 | Age Recommendation: 6 years and up

eeBoo 'Viva La Vida Frida Kahlo' 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

eeBoo 'Viva La Vida Frida Kahlo' 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


Instead of completing a puzzle of your favorite art work, opt for one celebrating your favorite artist. This one from eeBoo features Frida Kahlo along with images and people from her life. Piece together some of her iconic outfits, along with other famous figures from her hometown of Mexico City, Mexico.

Dimensions: ‎11 x 11 inches | Number of Pieces: 1000 | Age Recommendation: Not Listed

west elm Women In Art Puzzle

west elm Women In Art Puzzle

west elm

Speaking of female artists, this puzzle from west elm features 15 prominent women in art to research. Learn about architect Zaha Hadid, sculptor Ruth Asawa, painter Alma Thomas, and more. This piece features artists you may have not learned about in school, but deserve all the same recognition and accolades. It was also illustrated by author and designer Rachel Ignotofsky, another female artist worth noting. Get the whole family together for an art history lesson about the amazing feats of females in the field.

Dimensions: ‎9.7 x 7.8 inches | Number of Pieces: 500 | Age Recommendation: Not listed

Hartmaze Colorful Owl Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles - Colorful Owl Hartmaze

Courtesy of Amazon

Wooden puzzles are durable, enjoyably to assemble, and beautiful to look at. The Colorful Owl Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle from Hartmaze is an impressive product in more ways than one. It's made out of high-quality basswood and printed with a gorgeous owl design. And each of the pieces is laser-cut into a unique, irregular profile.

Unlike most other jigsaws, the finished puzzle isn't rectangular but rather shaped like an owl perched on a branch. This jigsaw puzzle comes in a small box, making it ideal for travel. Plus, if you notice any broken, chipped, or missing pieces, Hartmaze will replace them.

Dimensions: ‎11.4 x 10.2 inches | Number of Pieces: 206 | Age Recommendation: 5 years and up

Blue Kazoo The ARTIST Series - 1,000-piece Art Jigsaw Puzzles

Blue Kazoo The ARTIST Series - 1,000-piece Art Jigsaw Puzzles

Blue Kazoo

Design-forward puzzle brand Blue Kazoo's new artist series features three puzzles for adults created by prominent artists with differing, unique styles. Multimedia artist Kirsten Meyer's Natural Order features stylized flowers, leaves, and other objects, evoking her past roles as a prop stylists and window designer. Illustrator Erica William's image of female friendship features bright colors and intricate doodles. Rachel Winter's natural illustration offers a more neutral and realistic design meant to evoke nostalgia and familiarity.

Dimensions: ‎20 x 30 inches | Number of Pieces: 1000 | Age Recommendation: Not Listed

If you appreciate abstract art, you'll love the Pattern Puzzle by Dusen Dusen. This high-quality jigsaw puzzle is made of chipboard and features a slightly trance-like blend of shapes and colors. Measuring 18 x 24 inches when assembled, it's perfect for anyone with an hour or two to spare.

Dusen Dusen creates original textiles and products for the home with bold designs. Each collection is inspired by design, commercial print work, and fine art, encouraging the brain to process contrasting colors and dimensions. This jigsaw puzzle is available from Peace & Riot, a Black-owned home goods shop based in Brooklyn, New York.

Dimensions: ‎18 x 24 inches | Number of Pieces: 500 | Age Recommendation: Not Listed

Minted Autumn Landscape Puzzle

Minted Autumn Landscape Puzzle


This neutral puzzle from Minted, designed by Mojca Dolinar, features a classic landscape—a fundamental in any painting study. Minted puzzles make lasting keepsakes with high-quality chipboard and luxurious matte paper. All puzzles arrive in a sturdy box and a drawstring bag for keeping all of your pieces safe. The subdued tones of the familiar landscape would make a welcome addition to any wall space, no matter the room in your home. Read up on the origins of landscape painting from the greats include Claude Monet to English artists John Constable.

Dimensions: ‎10 x 14 inches | Number of Pieces: 252 | Age Recommendation: 2 years and up

Mudpuppy Glow in the Dark Puzzle

 Mudpuppy Amazing Frogs and Lizards Glow in the Dark Puzzle

Courtesy of Amazon

Jigsaw puzzles are a great rainy-day (or any day) activity for kiddos. For an engaging puzzle that's not too hard, check out the Mudpuppy Glow in the Dark Puzzle. The tropical imagery features vibrant frogs and lizards against a black background. And when the puzzle is complete, you can turn off the lights and watch the critters glow in the dark.

This jigsaw puzzle encourages both strategy and imaginative thinking. Younger kids might need a little help, but most should be able to finish it on their own. Made from 90 percent recycled paper and printed with non-toxic ink, you can rest assured that this product is not only safe but also eco-friendly.

Dimensions: ‎18 x 12 inches | Number of Pieces: 100 | Age Recommendation: 5 years and up

Best Customizable

Shutterfly Photo Gallery Puzzle

Photo Gallery Puzzle

Courtesy of Shutterfly

The Photo Gallery Puzzle from Shutterfly allows you to create a personalized jigsaw puzzle using your own images. You can upload a single photo or create a collage with up to 14 images. Then you can add text, adjust the background colors, and implement patterns. Choose from three different sizes: 10 x 14 inches (60 pieces or 252 pieces), 16 x 20 inches (520 pieces), or 20 x 30 inches (1,014 pieces). You'll also get a storage box featuring the same image.

Dimensions: ‎Varies | Number of Pieces: Varies | Age Recommendation: Not Listed

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