World's Most Difficult Jigsaw Puzzles - 10,000 pieces

4,000 - 10,000 - 24,000 Pieces! or Double-sided!

If you think that traveling is more fun than arriving, then these awesome jigsaw puzzles are for you. This selection includes the world's most challenging, double-sided jigsaws as well as puzzles with up to 24,000 pieces! That is sure to keep you puzzling for a long, long time.

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    Life - The Ultimate Challenge Jigsaw Puzzle

    Life - The Ultimate Challenge Jigsaw Puzzle
    Life - The Ultimate Challenge Jigsaw Puzzle. Image courtesy of

    You'll need an awfully big dining room table to complete this jigsaw puzzle. 24,000 pieces!!! Oh, and forget your social life. When completed the puzzle measures 4.2m x 1.5 m. (And your children will be grown and married.)

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    Tropical Impressions Jigsaw Puzzle
    Tropical Impressions Jigsaw Puzzle. Image courtesy of

    At 18,000 pieces, this puzzle should keep you busy for a very long time. Manufacturer: Ravensburger. Size: 97 x 75.6 in.

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    Image courtesy

    At 18,000 pieces, this puzzle will ruin your social life and have you ready for the madhouse. For serious jigsaw puzzle solvers only. Size: 108 2/3 x 75 1/2 in. 18,000 pcs. Ages 16 and up

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    Las Hilanderas Jigsaw Puzzle
    Las Hilanderas Jigsaw Puzzle. Image courtesy of

    This 17th-century masterpiece by Velazquez is faithfully reproduced in this large and challenging jigsaw puzzle. Manufacturer: Educa. Size: 84 x 61 in. 10,000 pcs.

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    Rome jigsaw puzzle

    By 18th-century artist Giovanni Paolo Pannini, renowned for his depictions of Rome’s ancient and modern monuments. Manufacturer: Educa. Size: 61.75 x 42.14 in. 5,000 pcs.

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    underwater paradise puzzle

    Explore the exotic life under this sea while staying entertained for days with this 9,000-piece puzzle! By Ravensburger. Size: 76 x 54 in. 9000 pcs. Ages 12 and up.

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    Astrology jigsaw puzzle

    Here's a great activity for the whole family - assemble this challenging jigsaw puzzle with an astrological theme. Manufacturer: Ravensburger. Size: 54 X 76 in. 9,000 pcs. Ages 16 and up.

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    Antique Map Jigsaw Puzzles

    Antique world map puzzle

    If you're looking for a challenging puzzle and are also a fan of antique maps, then here's a selection of puzzles just for you! Most of these puzzles have piece counts ranging from a fairly challenging 3000 to a whopping 13,200!

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    Creation of man puzzle

    One of the most famous art images in the world, Michaelangelo's Creation of Man, has been faithfully reproduced in this challenging, 6000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Manufacturer: Clementoni. Size: 44 7/8 x 65 1/8 in. 6,000 pcs.

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    Butterfly rainbow puzzle

    Here's a colorful and challenging jigsaw puzzle with a Native American theme. Although the artist, David Penfound, is from England, he found that he had a connection with Native American Art and had his first exhibition in the US featuring his Native American images. Manufacturer: Sunsout. Size: 24 x 35 in. 6,000 pcs.

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    Noah's Ark Jigsaw Puzzle

    This challenging 6,000-piece puzzle features the art of Tom DuBois, famous for his Noah's Ark series and other Biblical works of art. Manufacturer: Sunsout. Size: 62.3 x 42.3 in. A similar 1,000-piece puzzle is also available.

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    James Rizzi 5000 Piece Puzzle

    Brighten your day with the bold and vibrant artwork of American pop artist James Rizzi, as featured on this 5,000-piece puzzle. By Ravensburger. Size: 60 x 40 in. when complete. Ages 12 and up. 5,000 pcs

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    Smiley face jigsaw puzzle

    Another challenging jigsaw puzzle from the World's Most Difficult Jigsaw Puzzles series. These puzzles are printed on both sides, making it necessary to examine each piece on both sides to determine its proper place. Manufacturer: Buffalo Games. Size: 15 X 15 in. 529 pcs.

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    Beneath the sea jigsaw puzzle

    Sea turtles, dolphins and other denizens of the deep are featured in this challenging, 5,000 -piece jigsaw puzzle. Manufacturer: Ravensburger. Ages 12 and up.

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    Times Square Jigsaw Puzzle

    Times Square Jigsaw Puzzle
    Buffalo Games

    This iconic American location in New York City is world famous as one of the greatest hustle and bustle spots in the world. This puzzle has 4,000 pieces which are probably a fraction of the number of people passing through this busy intersection on any given day.A bonus poster is included for help in solving.

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    Neuschwanstein Castle Jigsaw Puzzle

    Neuschwanstein Jigsaw Puzzle
    Buffalo Games

    Built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, Neuschwanstein Castle is of one of Europe's best-known castles and was the inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. This colorful, 4,000-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring of one of Germany's most photographed buildings should present quite a challenge to even the most seasoned jigsaw pro. Manufacturer: Educa. Size:61 3/4 x 42 1/4 in.

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    Image courtesy of

    In this series of puzzles, the images are printed on both sides of the pieces (rotated 90 degrees on the back). This, coupled with the fact that the images are incredibly repetitive, place these puzzle just this side of impossible. For die-hard jigsaw fans only. Manufacturer: Buffalo Games. Size: 15 X 15 in. 529 pcs.

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    Penguin jigsaw puzzle

    This fun and challenging 500-piece double-sided World's Most Difficult jigsaw puzzles have the same artwork by Royce McClure on each side, but the reverse side is rotated 90 degrees. They are die-cut from both sides to make the front and back indistinguishable! Manufacturer: Buffalo Games. Size: 15 x 15 in. 500 pcs. For ages 13+

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    Disney villain jigsaw puzzle

    Featuring "bad guys" from the Disney movies, this tricky jigsaw puzzle is printed on both sides (rotated at a 90 angle) making it a challenge for even the most experienced jigsaw puzzler. Manufacturer: Buffalo Games. Size: 15 x 15 in. 529 pcs.

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    Dalmatian jigsaw puzzle

    A very challenging puzzle! Both sides of this jigsaw have been printed, cut, or pressed, so you need to compare shape, color, and fit on both sides. Manufacturer: Buffalo Games. Size: 15 X 15 in. 529 pcs.