Woodworking Projects Using a Drill Press

Woman using a drill press
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The drill press is arguably more accurate than a handheld drill because the spindle and drill chuck holding the bit is at a consistent angle to the table on which the wood is held. The bit then protrudes through the wood in a much straighter direction than any mere mortal could possibly move while holding a cordless drill or a power drill.

The fact of the matter is that many projects that one would need a cordless handheld drill might benefit from the accuracy that a drill press would provide. We doubt one would use a drill press for driving screws or other fasteners into a joint, but drilling pilot holes or countersinks would certainly be more accurate than if the same holes were drilled by hand.

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    Rustic Pot Rack Plans

    Rustic Pot Rack

    Chris Baylor

    After years of being pushed aside by more modern kitchen cookery, cast iron pans seem to be growing in popularity once again. They're easy to take care of if one has a place to hang the pots and pans rather than stacking them in a cabinet. Many kitchens are too small for a pot rack to hang from the ceiling, but in this woodworking project, learn how to build an attractive, wall-hanging rustic pot rack that will accommodate ten cast iron pots and pans in a rough-cut cedar finish that enhance the old school look of the pans. A great addition to your kitchen!

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    Oak Book Stand Plans

    Oak Book Stand

    Chris Baylor

    A small book stand is a perfect way to show off a book that you'd like to display, either closed or opened to a specific page. This oak book stand is built by making two matching halves and then connecting them with a pair of hinges that allows the bookstand to open or close as needed to accommodate the size of the book. If the hinges aren't aligned as precisely as possible, the book stand will not function properly. A drill press is ideal for accurately drilling the pilot holes for the hinges.

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    Make a Cornhole Game Board

    Cornhole Game Board

    Chris Baylor

    Cornhole is a popular outdoor game of skill often played at tailgating parties before football games in the Midwest. With this set of free downloadable woodworking plans, you can build a cornhole game board that collapses flat for easy transport to and from the game in the trunk of your car. By using a drill press to drill the pilot holes for the hinge bolts, you can ensure that the legs will open and close smoothly and evenly.

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    How to Make Louvered Doors and Windows

    A Louvered Window Shutter

    Chris Baylor

    Louvers are commonly used on closet doors and window shutters because they allow for considerable airflow with visual privacy that a door panel would provide. Louvers are made by drilling a series of slots into the stiles on the edges of the shutter or door frame. While this task can be done with a plunge router, it can also be accomplished with a drill press and cleaned up with a chisel.

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    Make a Knick Knack Shelf

    Knick Knack Shelf

    Chris Baylor

    A knick-knack shelf is a small, wall-mounted shelving unit that is decorative, but only so much so that it shows off the items displayed on the shelves, yet isn't so decorative that it detracts from the items. This knick-knack shelf is easy to build, and a drill press can drill the accurate pilot holes that make the construction a breeze.

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    Build a Clay Pot Hanger

    Clay Pot Hanger

    Chris Baylor

    A clay pot hanger is actually not made from clay, but made from wood designed for hanging clay pots. Its simple design allows for four of nearly any size terra cotta pot to hang evenly on this one-piece design. To make the hanger, you'll need a drill press to drill the large round holes that make up each slot, and then you can cut between the holes with a jigsaw. A very easy project, but one that is quite eye-catching and useful!

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    Adirondack Loveseat Glider Rocker

    Adirondack Loveseat Glider Rocker

    Chris Baylor

    In one of the more complicated projects featured here, this Adirondack Loveseat Glider Rocker is a rather extensive project to build, but one that will provide years of enjoyment once you've completed it. Built to be perfect for a couple sitting on the patio or deck on a cool summer evening, this rocker has the styling of an Adirondack deck chair, but with the rocking comfort of a glider rocker. Using a drill press allows the parts to be assembled precisely for an accurate fit and operation of the rocker.