Free Door Woodworking Plans

Learning how to make various doors is an essential skill that nearly every woodworker has employed at one time or another. No matter whether you're building new cabinet doors or a set of barn doors, door-making is a skill that takes practice and know-how. Here are some plans to get you started.

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    How to Build Barn Doors

    Split-Level Barn Door

    The Spruce / Chris Baylor

    These barn doors can be tricky to build properly and even trickier to mount so that both halves open and close, either independently or together. However, they look great when they're completed and installed, and they work just as well on a shed or garage as they would on a country barn.

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    Making Raised Panel Cove Cabinet Doors With a Table Saw

    Raised Panel Door

    The Spruce / Chris Baylor

    You can build cove-shaped raised panel cabinet doors using just your table saw. The doors look fantastic, and no one will ever know that you didn't spend hundreds of dollars on a specialty router bit to get the job done.

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    How to Build Slab-Style Cabinet Door

    Slab Cabinet Door

    The Spruce / Chris Baylor

    While this type of door might look a little plain, it allows the homeowner or builder a blank canvas, so to speak, onto which designs can be stenciled or painted, giving each door a unique look and one that matches the decor of the kitchen. 

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    How to Make Louvered Doors

    Louvered Window Shutter

    The Spruce / Chris Baylor

    Louvered doors have numerous applications, whether they're for use as window shutters or for partition doors between rooms. In many cases, they're used as closet doors that allow airflow to the contents of the closet but don't allow visibility into the area. 

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    How to Build Cabinets and Doors

    Kitchen Pantry

    The Spruce / Chris Baylor

    No discussion of cabinet doors would be complete without at least covering the basics of building cabinets. This is probably one of the top reasons that people take up woodworking because buying cabinets can be quite expensive, and once you understand basic cabinetry, you can modify a cabinet design for nearly any application.