Woodworking is the craft of making things from wood. Learn about tools and safety, as well as joints and carpentry with our tips, tutorials, and projects.
Pins and tails of dovetailed joint
Learn How to Use Box Joints in Woodworking
Pile of logs from poplars in La Vega valley in Granada, Andalusia, Spain
Tips for Using Poplar for Woodworking
Woman wearing safety goggles while cutting wood
10 Safety Rules Every Woodworker Should Know
Cutting a Dado
Learn How to Cut a Dado Like a Master Woodworker
Polyurethane being applied
How to Apply Polyurethane to Wood
Staining Wood Bench
Tips for Staining Wood
Young carpenter varnishing in his workshop
How to Apply a Beautiful Shellac Finish on Woodwork
Close-up of sandpaper the legs of a wooden chair
Using the Right Sandpaper for Your Project
Carpenter French polishing on wooden drawer
Traditional French Polishing from Start to Finish
Carpenter cutting wooden plank in a workshop
An Expert Guide to Using Biscuit Joints
Cutting on a pristine table saw, full of rust
How to Remove Table Saw Rust
Newly constructed dowel joinery
Learn the Ancient Art of Connecting Wood Using Dowel Joinery
Carpenter man is carving the wooden stick.
Discover Which Hardwoods Are Best for Spindle Wood Turning Projects
man holding piece of plywood
How Do You Cover Exposed Plywood Edges?
hands measuring a wood board
How to Build Woodworking Projects Using Maple
Mitered Butt Joint
How to Make Mitered Butt Joints - Woodworking Joinery
Man selects wood for a project
Hardwood Properties of Woodworking With Walnut
Planks of wood in workshop
How to Square Up or Flatten Wood With a Jointer
Man working in woodshop
Get Expert Tips for Woodworking With Pine
Stack of Old Wooden Railway Sleepers Background Pattern
Nominal Lumber Sizes Are Different Than Actual Dimensions
Illustration of a brad nailer
The Brad Nailer Is Perfect for Small Woodworking Projects
A man moving a large piece of wood in a workshop
Your Quick Guide to Identifying Plywood Sizes
Men carrying plywood in home improvement store
Learn About the Different Plywood Grades and Bonding Types
screws in a wooden board
Learn How to Choose the Correct Size Wood Screws
Craftsman applying wax finish to furniture
Learn How to Apply Finishing Wax to a Wood Finish
Wood, workbenches and tools in workshop
Essential Woodworking Tools Accessories for Your Wood Shop
Riving knife on a table saw
Why You Should Use a Riving Knife on Your Table Saw
Illustration of gel finish being applied
How to Apply a Gel Stain Finish to a Woodworking Project
Illustration of how to remove odors from wood
How to Remove Odors From Wood
Carpenter cutting wooden plank in a workshop
Understand How Expansion and Shrinkage Affects Woodworking Projects
Santa Fe Style: Mesquite Wood Door with Rusty Keyhole (Detail)
Using Mesquite to Build Rustic Furniture
Young carpenter woman
Features to Look for When Choosing a Jigsaw
wooden planks lumber industry
Learn the Real Reasons a 2 x 4 Does Not Measure 2 Inches by 4 Inches
Close up of Power Saw
How to Choose a Saw Blade Based on Teeth Per Inch (TPI)
Digital illustration of securing loose joints in casement window with recessed metal angle and glued dowels driven into mortise-and-tenon joints
Learn How to Create a Mortise-And-Tenon Joint
table saw close up construction power tool
9 Resources for Getting the Most Out of Your Table Saw
Man clamping wood to a table
What Safety Equipment Is Needed for Woodshop?
Woodworker using hand plane on lumber
How Using a Little Manual Sanding Can Improve Your Projects
Worm drive saw cutting through 2x8 on construction site
Can You Cut More Accurately With a Worm Drive Circular Saw?
Man turning a bowl on a lathe
A Lathe Can Be Used for a Lot More Than Just Spindle Turning
Woman carpenter inspecting freshly painted wood
When to Use a Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner for Your Woodworking Project
A black and white photo of a man chiseling oak
The Best Way to Get Good Results Woodworking With Oak
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How to Use the 3-4-5 Method to Check for Square
Stack of lumber ends.
How to Use Construction Lumber in Fine Woodworking
A Directoire style cherry wood Venetian writing desk.
Learn Tips for Woodworking, Sanding, and Finishing Cherry
Painted open drawer in Oak showing dovetail Joints
A Photo Guide to Making Dovetail Drawers
Housing Construction in the Midwest By: Tim Boyle Getty Images News
Woodworking With Cedar Varieties
Best Engraving Services
Best Engraving Services of 2022
Photo comp of Hammer and measuring tools
The 7 Best Online Woodworking Classes of 2022
spray lacquer
Protect Your Stained Finishes With a Lacquer Finish
How to fix a stripped screw hole
Easy Fixes for a Stripped Screw Hole in Wood
Determining Square in Woodworking
The Easy Way to Check for Square in Woodworking
person using a jigsaw
What Is the Difference Between a Jigsaw and a Sabre Saw?
Dado Blade Set
Can You Use an 8-Inch Dado Set on Your Table Saw?
custom cabinet and trim carpentry houston tx jared meadors stained top in production special walnut with satin lacquer finish
Make Your Wood Projects Gleam With Hand-Rubbed Lacquer
Man measuring wood planks at home improvement store
Understanding Board-Foot Pricing for Hardwoods
A circular saw blade
How to Choose the Right Saw Blade for Your Woodworking Project
Big Cypress Trees with Huge Roots at Garner State Park, Texas
What Woodworking Projects Can You Build With Bald Cypress?
Types of wood joinery
13 Methods of Wood Joinery Every Woodworker Should Know
Close up of person working a boat-builders workshop, joining together two pieces of wood.
Learn How to Make a Butt Joint in Woodworking