14 Wood DIY Projects for Your Home

Here are 14 wood DIY projects perfect to spruce up your home, from doormats, headboards, and kitchen cutting boards. There are plenty of ways to use up those extra 1 x 4s or plywood boards that have been collecting dust in your garage to update your house even if you are novice at building things with wood.

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    DIY Wooden Doormat
    DIY Wooden Doormat. The Merrythought

    Dress up your front door by building a durable wooden doormat using affordable pieces of 1x4 cedar boards that are angled to create a beautiful porch accent.

    DIY Wooden Doormat from The Merrythought

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    DIY Barn Door Headboard
    DIY Barn Door Headboard. Design, Dining and Diapers

    Turn your bed into a focal point by making a barn door headboard that you can use as a headboard or hang directly above your bed.

    DIY Barn Door Headboard from Design Dining and Diapers

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    DIY Hickory Cutting Board
    DIY Hickory Cutting Board. Francois Et Moi

    If you are looking for a new cutting board this DIY hickory cutting board has a beautiful modern twist with the white blocked off area that is also safe to cut on. This lovely cutting board would also make an exceptional hostess gift or housewarming present as a cutting board.

    DIY Hickory Cutting Board from Francois et Moi

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    DIY 4 Paneled Barn Doors
    DIY 4 Paneled Barn Doors. Paper Daisy Design

    If you have a space where a traditional door might not work a sliding barn door might be the answer. This 4 paneled barn door is made out of affordable plywood, which means you can build this barn door for $50.00.

    DIY 4 Paneled Barn Doors from Paper Daisy Design

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    DIY Rustic Wood Cupcake Stand
    DIY Rustic Wood Cupcake Stand. The Decor Fix

    This DIY rustic wood cupcake stand would be perfect for a guy's birthday party or winter wedding on the dessert table. The 3 tiered cupcake stand is simple to make stacking wood slices and plant pots leaving you plenty of time to frost the cupcakes.

    DIY Rustic Wood Cupcake Stand from The Decor Fix

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    DIY Knock Off West Elm Tripod Floor Lamp
    DIY Knock Off West Elm Tripod Floor Lamp. Tiny Sidekick

    Get a similar look to West Elm's Tripod floor lamp with its ash legs and white lamp shade with this knock-off DIY that costs $200 less than the West Elm version.

    DIY Knock Off West Elm Tripod Floor Lamp from Tiny Sidekick

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    DIY Live Edge Coffee Table
    DIY Live Edge Coffee Table. The Modachromehome

    Live edge tables are a popular trend but are often expensive, so make your own live edge looking coffee table with hairpin legs to get the high end look for less.

    DIY Live Edge Coffee Table from The Spruce

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    DIY Campaign Style Desk

    DIY Campaign Style Desk
    DIY Campaign Style Desk. Sarah M Dorsey Design

    Update your office by building a sleek campaign style desk for your home with X legs using poplar or oak.

    DIY Campaign Style Desk from Dorsey Designs 

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    DIY Wooden Block Mosaic Art
    DIY Wooden Block Mosaic Art. A Beautiful Mess

    Add this huge wooden block artwork to your home by staining precut 2 inch wooden blocks and gluing them together to create a textural art piece.

    DIY Wooden Block Mosaic Art from A Beautiful Mess

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    DIY Hexagon Wall Planter
    DIY Hexagon Wall Planter. Love Create Celebrate

    Tight on floor space, or looking for a way to dress up a wall? Build these cute hexagon wall planters to add some greenery with some small succulents.

    DIY Hexagon Wall Planter from Love Create Celebrate

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    DIY Wood Plate Charger

    DIY Wood Plate Charger
    DIY Wood Plate Charger. Pneumatic Addict Furniture

    Set your table with these beautiful wood chargers that are made by cutting a large circle out of plywood. The beautiful chargers could be left plain, stained a darker color, or painted with a stenciled design.

    DIY Wood Plate Charger from Pneumatic Addict

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    DIY Plywood Magazine File

    DIY Plywood Magazine File
    DIY Plywood Magazine File. Dans Le Townhouse

    Keep all your magazines sorted in your Ikea Kallax bookcase by building this plywood magazine file.

    DIY Plywood Magazine File from Dans le Lakehouse

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    DIY Wood Coasters
    DIY Wood Coasters. Garden Therapy

    Next time you are going on a hike through the forest, or around your neighborhood and happen to see a straight and thick branch someone is throwing out make sure to pick it up to make your own wood coasters for your coffee table.

    DIY Wood Coasters from Garden Therapy

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    DIY Log Stack For The Fireplace
    DIY Log Stack For The Fireplace. The Decor Fix

    Give the illusion of perfectly stacked wooden logs inside your fireplace when your fireplace is not in use by building a DIY lock stack screen that you can use to decorate.

    DIY Log Stack For The Fireplace from The Decor Fix