Feeling Witchy: Witch Inspired Cross Stitch Patterns

Halloween fun witch inspired patterns for you to cross stitch

Who are those fabulous ladies that make Halloween so special? It's the witches, my dear! They whip up delicious treats in their cauldrons, dance around the fire and spin  scary tales for Halloween. They are the pin up girl for the season! Today we celebrate our ambassadors of Halloween with witch themed cross stitch patterns that range from whimsical to a bit more traditional. Sit around the fire and enjoy! 

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    Casting Spells and Taking Names

    Decorating for Halloween can range from fun to frightening. If you are looking for a unique door hanger or wreath why not stitch up this pattern from Waxing Moon Designs. Wouldn't this look great in the middle of a wreath or as part of a wall hanging? If you do not want to hang it on the front door or a wall, why not make it part of a quilt or pillow. This would also be fun for an office or storefront. You can find the pattern at 123 Cross Stitch along with all of the supplies you need for...MORE the project. Look for this pattern and others from Waxing Moon Design HERE. 

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    Something Wicked This Way Comes

     "By the prickling of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes." The witch's shoe is perfect for this quote. Think of the witch walking up while humming this line. Are you scared yet? Don't be! Cross stitch designer La D Da offers up this pattern that is a mixture of primitive and whimsical styles. You can purchase the pattern HERE and read more about La D Da and their other primitive patterns on their website. 

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    Witch bone

    The pattern, Witch Bone, by Hinzeit, has a very voodoo New Orleans feel to it with a touch of retro tattoo art. This pattern would be a great addition to your kitchen. Stitch it up on a towel, an apron or add a border and create a sampler. Hinzeit has several other Halloween inspired cross stitch patterns. Many of them include little trinkets and beads. The Lovebits patterns are to die for and would make an incredible sampler. Check out all the patterns on their website HERE.  

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    Witch Better Have My Candy

     Sometimes we need to lighten up and have a little fun with words and that's where Clever Cross Stitch comes in and shares their pattern for "Witch Better Have My Candy". Can't you just imagine some rotten little trick or treater saying this? This pattern is inspired by all the little ghouls and goblins out there and of course a little tune by the artist Rihanna. This would be so hysterical if stitched on a trick or treat bag. Have fun stitching this and other patterns by Clever...MORE Cross Stitch. You can find so many fun items in their Etsy store. 

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    The Witches Game

    Primitive patterns were just made for witches. They are haunting, beautiful and while they may look simple, they are deeply complex; just like most witches. The Primitive Hare has several witch themed patterns on her website. The Witches Game cross stitch pattern allows you to create your own witch or stitch up each piece in a sampler. It is such a fun and clever idea! You can read more about it, and purchase the pattern HERE. 

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    What a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

     Who are the most beloved and famous witches out there? The Sanderson Sisters, of course. Around this time each year, everyone gets excited to see one of their favorite family Halloween movies, Hocus Pocus. This movie has reached cult status and is watched each  year in households around the world. Amazing Cross Stitch pays homage to the characters in the movie with their one of a kind pattern. This is a fun and easy stitch, perfect for beginners and those more advanced. Why not stitch this...MORE pattern while watching the movie. You can find this pattern as well as horror movie and other themed patterns at their Esty shop HERE. 

Witches are wonderful and so are witch themed cross stitch patterns. You can stitch up a sweet helpful one or a spooky scary soul. It is up to you. Gather your witchy friends and stitch the night away. Who knows what fun you can whip up.