3 Wise Penguins Needlepoint Charts

Stitch These 3 Penguin Versions of the Christmas Nativity Wisemen

One of the exciting parts of the Christmas Story is the visit of the Magi, Wisemen or three kings. They journey from afar to worship the Christ Child and bring gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Use this link to read more about the Wisemen and the roles they played in the Christmas Story.

No matter the style or theme or whether a live portrayal or cartoon depiction, most complete Nativity Scenes traditionally feature the Wisemen bearing their gifts.

In keeping with this tradition, these patterns offer three stylized cartoon needlepoint penguins—each one dressed to represent one of the Magi. Add them to a needlepoint Nativity themed Christmas decorating scheme you’ve already completed; or work them separately to for future gifts.

Although a bit large to finish into stand-up needlepoint figures, (with an average design size that’s a little over 5 inches wide and up to 8.5 inches high), the completed figures are ideal for small needlepoint pillows or keepsake box top inserts.

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    Frankincense Wise Penguin Needlepoint Chart

    Frankincense Wise Penguin Needlepoint Chart
    Frankincense Wise Penguin Needlepoint Chart. Althea DeBrule-Licensed to About.com

    According to Ancient History, Frankincense was a rare and expensive incense produced and traded in the Far East. The Biblical accounting relates how it was an offering of worship to God that was given to the Christ Child at the first Christmas.

    The 5.36-inch by 8.57-inch Frankincense Penguin needlepoint design features a cute little penguin dressed in a feather-topped royal turban, holding a jar of fragrant Frankincense.

    There are a lot of opportunities to use different needlepoint stitches in this project—from basic tent to fancy decorative ones. For example, a simple stem of encroaching Gobelin stitch can be worked for the penguin feathers, with the leaf stitch worked for the cascading feathers in the turban.

    Since it is a three-ply needlepoint thread, Persian wool works best for the penguin. You can separate the plies and work with one or all three to create depth and texture.

    Use stranded silk or cotton embroidery floss for the turban feathers, a light shimmery thread like Neon Rays for the rest of the turban, and metallic braid for the jar of Frankincense.

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    Gold Wise Penguin Needlepoint Pattern

    353Gold Wise Penguin Needlepoint Pattern
    Day 353-Gold Wise Penguin Needlepoint Pattern. Althea DeBrule-Licensed to About.com

    Work this delightful penguin needlepoint design and follow the Christmas Star like the Magi who brought the gift of gold, a fitting tribute to the Christ Child who would become the King of Kings.

    Beginners as well as experienced needlepointers will want to practice any new stitches or fancy techniques on scrap canvas to make sure they work out as planned before switching to the actual project needlepoint canvas.

    Work the 5.36-inch by 7.07-inch Gold Wise Penguin pattern in your choice of needlepoint stitches, including a royal crown made with metallic thread and embellished with glowing seed beads or faux gems. Stitch the gold coins in the chest with the continental technique and then sew tiny flat gold sequins randomly over the gold threads to make the coins look realistic.

    If you are making all three needlepoint projects, the penguin fur and body can be stitched the same with changes made for the turbans and crowns as well as the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

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    Myrrh Wise Penguin Needlepoint Design

    Myrrh Wise Penguin Needlepoint Design
    Myrrh Wise Penguin Needlepoint Design. Althea DeBrule-Licensed to About.com

    The third gift brought by the Magi to the Christ Child was a container of Myrrh to represent His sacrificial death. Traditionally, this expensive spice was used not only in making perfume, but also in preparing the dead for burial.

    The 5.36-inch by 7.14-inch Myrrh Penguin needlepoint design can be set apart from the other wise penguin projects by working the band under the crown with the Leviathan Stitch, Turkey Work or another textured stitch.

    Since Myrrh is caramel to dark brown in color and is shaped in small round balls, the myrrh in the gold bowl can be worked with French Knots for the needlepoint project.

A Needlepoint Reminder

After completing your Wisemen Penguin needlepoint projects, block them to restore the canvas to its original shape and to prepare the completed needlework for final finishing into the desired items.