10 Winter Cross Stitch Patterns

Fuzzy Fox Designs

Winter is long and cold, but don't let that get you down. Celebrate the frosty months by cross stitching a winter themed pattern. From traditional to whimsical, there is a project idea suitable for everyone. 

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    Birds in the winter time are alluring. Their bright feathers against a gray background are a reminder that there is beauty to be found even during a dark season. This pattern is easy to cross stitch and fit for both beginners and more advance stitchers. Personalize your project with a winter themed quote, a monogram or a special date. 

    Winter Birds from Well Stitches

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    This is a very intricate pattern that showcases multiple snowflakes joined together to create a heart-shaped pattern. Stitch this pattern with one color or in various tones. Add metallic floss for a dazzling effect. While this pattern is meant to be a heart, cross stitch each snowflake separately for winter themed ornaments or a sampler. 

    Snowflake Hearts from Thread, a Needle, a Cat and Me

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    If you love to escape to a cozy log cabin in the snow, cross stitch this Woodland Cottage to commemorate your adventures. Add snowflake buttons to the final project for a 3D effect. The colors in this pattern are bright and fun, which make it an uplifting project during the gray winter months. 

    Woodland Cottage from Fuzzy Fox Designs

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    One can't help but to think of "Game of Thrones" when stitching this pattern. Instead of Mr. Snow, we have Mr. Crow telling us that winter cometh. This is an easy project that does not require a lot of intricate stitches.

    Winter Cometh from 123 Stitch

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    Tempting Tangles

    This traditional sampler showcases two ice skaters enjoying their time together as a furry audience looks on. The shading in the background captures the silver frost of a winter's night.  

    Moonlight Skaters from Tempting Tangles 

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    Blackwork cross stitch is usually, well black, but in the case of this snowflake pattern, it is stitched in an icy blue. While this pattern is small, the details of it are very intricate. The project is only for one snowflake, but you can continue the pattern for an entire sampler or frame for your favorite winter quote. If you are a traditionalist, cross stitch this pattern in black instead of blue. 

    Blackwork Snowflake from Cyber Stitchers 

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    Many people think of the Winter Queen as being cold and heartless. This pattern shows the Ice Queen's beautiful side. The pattern is very angular and geometric but the beautiful colors soften the shapes. This is one part of a four-part season series. Stitch this pattern separately or as entire sampler. Add real gemstones and crystals to this pattern for a more customized final project. 

    Winter Queen from Dasha Dill Designs

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    The forest in winter is a place of serenity and tranquility. This free pattern is so beautifully detailed, that it whisks you away to a peaceful place. This pattern would make a great pillow or frame for your ski cabin. 

    Winter Scene from Cross Stitch Pattern 

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    Stitch this design for a chalkboard that doesn't smudge! This is just one in a series of monthly chalkboard themed designs by Hands On Design. The white floss against the light gray fabric gives off the appearance of calligraphy on a blackboard. 

    Let it Snow from 123 Stitch

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    Winter time is time to rest, enjoy your home, and prepare for spring. This free cross stitch pattern is an homage to that "home sweet home" nesting feeling that goes along with winter. Cross stitch this pattern separately or as part of a four season sampler. Consider also turning this project into a sachet filled with a warm winter scent. 

    It's Winter Time from Les Grilles de Maryse