Wine Bottle Crafts

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    Wine Jug Vases

    wine jug vases
    Wine Jug Vases. Creatively Living

    Love wine?  Rather than throw all of your empties in the recycle bin, you may want to try making one of these pretty projects using wine bottles.  

    To be sure, there are lots of ways to paint and decorate an empty wine bottle; but frankly, some are more successful than others.  For best results, keep these tips in mind.

    • When painting a group of wine bottles to use as vases, gather bottles that have different sizes and shapes.  True, there isn't a wide variety out there; but, the best-looking...MORE groupings have some variations in height and curvature. 
    • Do your best to completely remove the labels from your empty wine bottles to help disguise the fact that they are, indeed, wine bottles.
    • Don't forget wine jugs and champagne bottles as possibilities.
    • When using wine bottles as vases, insert flowers or leafy boughs that are signifcantly taller than the vase itself and have an organic shape to them.  Plunking short flowers or stems that are stick-straight in a vase that's already tall and narrow looks awkward. 
    • Many wine bottle crafts require glass-cutting.  Use extreme caution and protect your hands and eyes while executing these steps.

    Jute-Wrapped Wine Jugs

    These simple vases are made from wine jugs and get a ton of texture thanks to the carefully-wrapped jute around the top and bottom.  Wildflowers and simple greenery give these pretty jugs a fresh, farmhouse feel.  Planning a wedding?  These would make beautiful centerpieces that also act as table numbers.

    Wine Jug Vases by Creatively Living

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    Wine Jug Cloche Jar

    wine jug cloche
    Wine Jug Cloche Jar. Redo It Yourself Inspirations

    Here's another great use for an empty wine jug.  By cutting off its bottom, it becomes a clever cloche jar that can protect a collection of plants, or even lend beautiful presentation to a selection of meats and cheeses on a cutting board.

    Wine Jug Cloche Jar by Redo It Yourself Inspirations

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    Decoupaged Wine Bottle

    decoupage wine bottle diy tutorial
    Rita Shehan

    Using paint, paper and a little creativity, you can transform an empty wine bottle into a pretty vase or decorative object. 

    Decoupage Wine Bottle Tutorial

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    Etched Olive Oil Dispenser

    etched oil dispenser
    Etched Oil Dispenser. Morena's Corner

    After finishing off a nice chardonnay, fill the bottle back up with olive oil!  But first, rinse it, remove the label, and apply either a glass-etching cream or a chalkboard label to identify its new contents.

    Etched Olive Oil Dispenser by Morena's Corner

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    Wine Bottle Vases

    wine bottle vases
    Wine Bottle Vases. Darling Doodles

    Give a vintage look to a special vintage with this idea.  If you shared a bottle of wine to celebrate a special occasion, turn the empty bottle into a memento by giving it a coat of paint and adding some meaningful touches, such as a key to your first home or a necklace worn by your grandmother.  Group a pair of bottles on a mantel as part of a larger vignette.

    Wine Bottle Vases from Darling Doodles

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    Glitter-Dipped Wine Bottle Vases

    glitter dipped wine bottle vases
    Glitter Dipped Wine Bottle Vases. Decorate with Flowers

    If the vintage look isn't your thing, this group of wine bottle vases has a much more modern look.  A coat of white paint unifies them, and the glitter-dipped bottoms give them edgy interest.  

    Glitter-Dipped Wine Bottle Vases from Decorate with Flowers

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    Wine Bottle Tumblers

    wine bottle glasses
    Wine Bottle Glasses. Garden Matter

    These beautiful tumblers made from wine bottles that have been carefully cut in half are perfect as rocks glasses or stemless wine glasses.  Make a set in a variety of green hues to give as a gift, or let them live on your own bar cart.

    Project Source for Wine Bottle Tumblers from Garden Matter

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    Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

    wine bottle tiki torches
    Wine Bottle Tiki Torches. Design Sponge

    Add ambiance to your back yard with these sleek and clever torches made from wine bottles.  You and your party guests will be thankful for the soft light, and if filled with citronella oil, there will be fewer mosquitoes.  Use items found at the hardware store to hang them, as seen here, or simply set them on your patio table as a centerpiece.

    Wine Bottle Tiki Torches from Design Sponge

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    Wine Bottle Chandelier

    wine bottle chandelier
    Wine Bottle Chandelier. DIY Network

    Although this project requires more skill and yes, quite a few more wine bottles, it has a big payoff.  This stunning DIY light fixture would certainly be the showpiece of a rustic, industrial dining room.

    Wine Bottle Chandelier from DIY Network

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    Wall Vases on Salvaged Wood

    wall vases
    Wine Bottle Wall Vases. Saved by Love Creations

    Surely you've gathered by now that wine bottles can be used as flower vases; but, have you thought of turning a few of them into wall vases?  This rustic piece utilizes reclaimed wood and a few items from the hardware store.  The purple dahlias give it a more modern feel, but monochromatic stems like baby's breath, Queen Anne's lace or leafy stems would give this piece that popular Fixer-Upper feel.

    Wall Vases on Salvaged Wood from Saved by Love Creations

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    Wine Bottle Lamp

    wine bottle lamp
    Wine Bottle Lamp. Lana Red Studio

    An empty wine bottle practically begs to enjoy a second life as a table lamp; its tall, narrow neck looks elegant with a shade perched on top, and its larger base keeps it from toppling over.  

    Project Source for Wine Bottle Lamp from Lana Red Studio