25 DIY Wine Bottle Crafts

wine bottle crafts


Wine bottle crafts are a fun way to upcycle a perfectly functional glass container we would otherwise throw away. Some of these upcycled wine bottles can completely change their shape depending on your level of comfort with cutting glass and using flame.

Like any craft that involves glass, care should be taken. If you don't want to risk injury or don't own a kiln, stick to the more simple ideas that will teach you how to paint a wine bottle in a variety of ways. Some of these wine bottle projects can be given for a gift and some are nice enough where you could sell them for a profit

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    Transform Clear Wine Bottles Into Sea Glass

    diy wine bottle craft ideas
    Sadie Seasongoods

    Crafts with wine bottles don't have to be complex to have a large impact. Any clear wine bottle can be transformed with a can of spray paint that mimics the look of sea glass. Be sure to collect glass bottles of all different shapes and sizes. 

    DIY Sea Glass Bottles from Sadie Seasongoods

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    Repurpose a Wine Bottle Into a Hanging Light

    diy wine bottle light idea
    DIY Projects

    The most impressive way people upcycle wine bottles is by using them in completely unexpected applications. Since wine bottles are made of glass, there's no saying that they couldn't be used as a lampshade or a hanging light fixture.

    How to Create a Wine Bottle Light from DIY Projects

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    Spray Paint an Ombre Effect

    how to paint wine bottles
    Flea Market Trixie

    There are so many versatile ways you can paint wine bottles. This technique adds an ombre effect that successfully conceals the wine bottle and makes it look like an expensive vase.

    Ombre Spray Painted Bottles from Flea Market Trixie

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    Flatten a Wine Bottle to Make a Platter

    wine bottle craft ideas

    Flattening glass bottles is also known as slumping. There are a few different ways to do it, but one of the most common involves the use of a kiln. 

    How to Flatten a Wine Bottle from Hunker

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    Layer Colored Marbles Inside a Wine Bottle Outdoor Torch

    wine bottle crafts
    The Armchair Sommelier

    This wine bottle craft is one you will want to pull out every spring to use on your patio and in your backyard. These outdoor torches will add light and ambiance to your outdoor space, but they could also be filled with citronella oil to ward off mosquitos.

    Wine Bottle Outdoor Torches from The Armchair Sommelier

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    Hand Paint Intricate Details to Make a Boho Centerpiece

    wine bottle centerpiece idea
    Mom Spark

    Decorate a set of three wine bottles with different white accents for an eclectic grouping of vases. Get creative, but if you can't think of any ideas, pick up some laces, stencils, and 3D stickers to get started. 

    Boho Wine Bottle Vase Centerpiece from Mom Spark

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    Add a Topper to Turn a Wine Bottle Into a Soap Dispenser

    wine bottle crafts, how to etch a wine bottle
    Living Well Spending Less

    Tall, thin wine bottles would make great decanters or in this case, a vessel for dish soap. Simply purchase a stopper that would be used in liquor or olive oil bottle, etch on the word "dish" to the glass, and you won't have to look at an unsightly dish soap container on your kitchen sink ever again.

    Wine Bottle Soap Dispenser from Living Well Spending Less

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    Write a Message on a Bottle

    wine bottle crafts

    Painting wine bottles with chalkboard paint is a great idea for wedding decor. You can add a message to your guests or use them on the tables as centerpieces. Write on the table numbers with a chalk marker. 

    DIY Wine Bottle Art With Chalkboard Paint from Cohas

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    Decoupage Your Favorite Prints on a Few Wine Bottles

    decoupage wine bottle diy tutorial
    Rita Shehan

    If you're running out of ideas on how to paint a wine bottle, consider using decoupage instead. Pick up some fun patterns and some Modge Podge, and you'll be well on your way to a transformed piece of art. 

    Decoupage Wine Bottle Tutorial from The Spruce

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    Float Candles Inside Wine Bottles

    diy wine bottle candle holders
    Homey Oh My

    If you can successfully cut a wine bottle ​in half and sand the edges, you can make this romantic candle holder. This project works great with darker-colored wine bottles that will glow under the candlelight. 

    DIY Wine Bottle Floating Candle Holders from Homey Oh My

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    Create a Textured Surface With Puff Paint

    wine bottle art ideas
    Everyday Dishes

    This wine bottle finish is super effective at masking the original bottle. To recreate this look, pick up a matte paint and coat the entire surface. Once dry, use the same color of puff paint and add in some texture. 

    Puff Paint Wine Bottle Dishes from Everyday Dishes

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    Plant an Herb Garden Inside Wine Bottles

    wine bottle self watering planter
    DIY Projects

    Some DIY wine bottle crafts can even help you grow an herb garden. Cut a glass bottle into two pieces. Turn the top upside down and place it on the other end. To make this project even more appealing, add on a chalkboard label.

    Make Self Watering Planters From Wine Bottles from DIY Projects

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    Wrap an Entire Bottle in Twine

    wine bottle crafts
    A Blissful Nest

    There are a lot of ways people use twine to decorate wine bottles, but the most straightforward way to do it is to cover the entire bottle. Mix the finished vase in with other styles of vases for a farmhouse look. 

    DIY Twine Wine Bottle Tutorial from A Blissful Nest  

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    Cut Wine Bottles in Half to Make Planters

    diy wine bottle craft projects
    Homemade Modern

    This wine bottle craft is similar to the herb garden project, but it differs in that these planters are not self-watering and work well with succulents. Just make sure you keep the corks so you can close off the bottle hole of the planter. 

    Desktop Planters from Homemade Modern

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    Decoupage Old Book Pages to Wine Bottles

    wine bottle craft ideas
    The Wicker House

    If you want to add a vintage look to a wine bottle, decoupage on old book pages. You can cover the entire bottle or cut out specific shapes to use. 

    Book Page Bottles from The Wicker House

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    Knot Jute Around Wine Bottles and Jugs

    diy wine bottle craft ideas
    Cameo Cottage Designs

    If you have a larger wine jug to decorate, sometimes you don't want to cover up the glass with paint because it's beautiful as is. Instead, add interest using knotted jute. 

    Knotted Jute Bottles DIY from Cameo Cottage Designs

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    Doodle to Your Heart's Content

    diy wine bottle craft ideas
    Creative Jewish Mom

    You don't need a stencil or fancy paper to decorate a wine bottle. If you love to doodle, paint the bottles with white paint and then hand-draw on designs using a black marker. The point here isn't for the design to look perfect but to look hand-drawn.

    Painted Wine Bottle Vases With Simple Patterns from Creative Jewish Mom

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    Attach Wine Bottle Outdoor Torches to the Fence

    wine bottle tiki torches diy craft
    Design Sponge

    Take a wine bottle outdoor torch one step further by permanently attaching them to your fence. Just make sure that the nuts and bolts can be loosened so you can remove the bottle in the wintertime. 

    Wine Bottle Outdoor Torches from Design Sponge

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    Paint the Inside and Decorate the Outside

    painted wine bottle project ideas

    Fabric doilies and ribbons work well for bottles that are brightly painted from the inside. As much as you might not want to encourage wine drinking to your kids, this would be a fun idea to take on with them. 

    Painted Glass Bottle Vases from TwelveOeight

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    Transform Wine Jugs Into Decorative Vases

    wine bottle projects
    Creatively Living

    To recreate this partially transparent vase, add twine only to the top and bottom of clear wine jugs. Add a designer element by sketching a word or number to the center portion. These vases are labeled "No.1," "No. 2," and "No. 3."

    Wine Jug Vases from Creatively Living

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    Turn a Wine Bottle Into a Bird Feeder

    wine bottle bird feeder idea
    Down Home Inspiration

    This bird feeder is a fun and mildly challenging project to take on for aspiring woodworkers. The design isn't complex, but you'll need to be able to add in channels and cut wood to size to make this idea work how it's supposed to work. 

    Wine Bottle Bird Feeder from Down Home Inspiration

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    Pour Some Wax Into an Old Wine Bottle

    diy wine bottle crafts
    Saved by Love Creations

    Candlemakers can save a little bit of money by reusing glass they have around the house. Wine bottle candles are charming and would be especially great for gifts if you used wine-inspired scents. 

    DIY Wine Bottle Candles from Saved by Love Creations

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    Fake Mercury Glass Using Spray Paint

    Wine bottle art project ideas
    The Joy of Decorating

    To make your wine bottle look like it was just dug up from the yard and is over 100 years old, spray paint on a mercury glass finish. Just make sure that the wine bottle is completely clean before spray painting. 

    Z Gallerie Inspired Mercury Glass Bottles from The Joy of Decorating

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    Recycle Glass Into Rings That Can Be Used in Jewelry

    turn wine bottle into jewelry
    Saved by Love Creations

    Glass artisans know how easy it is to transform wine bottles into different shapes using a kiln and glass cutting techniques. Recycled glass jewelry is a really popular item to sell, so who knows where this craft could take you. 

    Cut Wine Bottles into the Perfect Rings from Saved by Love Creations

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    Etch a Wine Bottle and Then Water Your Plants

    wine bottle craft ideas
    2 Bees in a Pod

    If you love houseplants but keep forgetting to water them, you don't need to spend any money on a self-watering device. Instead, simply clean out a wine bottle and put it upside down in a planter. 

    DIY Etched Plant Water Bottle from 2 Bees in a Pod