Free Wiggly Crochet Patterns and Tutorials

Hands crocheting coloring thread

Alina555/Getty Images

"Wiggly crochet" is a surface crochet technique, meaning that you crochet onto the surface of a fabric to get the desired effect. There are various other surface crochet techniques; with this particular technique, people typically crochet onto a mesh worked using double crochet and chain stitches. The mesh might be the same sort of mesh you'd make for filet crochet, except without any filled-in blocks. In some cases, people prefer to work the mesh in the round. The mesh itself is hidden when the surface crochet is applied to it, so the effect is vastly different from the effect achieved in filet crochet.

There are other possibilities as well, and you will see some interesting variations if you peruse the pattern links posted below.

This technique tends to result best in fabric that is dense, heavy and not-at-all "drapey." It's good for making projects such as hot pads, rugs, bags, and pillows.

The following patterns will help you get a clearer understanding of this technique, how to do it, and what you can make with it.