13 Places to Find Free, Printable Wall Art

An illustration of a room that has several pieces of artwork hanging up behind a yellow couch

Illustration: The Spruce / Theresa Chiechi

Show your home and your wallet some love with these sources to find free art online. It's as easy as finding a photograph, print, poster, drawing, map, quote, or watercolor you love and then following a few simple steps to get that art on the wall.

These free art downloads can be used in your living areas, offices, nurseries, kitchens, kids' rooms, bathrooms, and any other room in your home to add some color and interest. They look just as good as prints you would buy, but these are free and you can have them up within the hour.

When you've found some of the free art online that you'd like to print, make sure you download the highest resolution that's available. This will get you the clearest picture and quality that you may be able to blow up if you'd like. Printing on a good quality cardstock will give you the best look.

You can add free art printables directly to the wall with thumbtacks or tape and they'll also look great in a frame. It's easy to find good quality frames at garage sales, thrift stores, or discount stores if you're looking to save even more.

Don't be limited to hanging this free art on the wall, you can print them on normal computer paper and use them as wrapping paper or as homemade cards.

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    The New York Public Library's Digital Collection

    "River festival procession of floating green barge with red temple, polers, musicians, aristocrats, attendants, and white temple in background"

    The New York Public Library

    The New York Public Library has an online digital collection that has more than 715,000 digitized prints, photographs, maps, and manuscripts, with more being added every day.

    More than 180,000 of these items fall under public domain meaning that you can print these items all legally and display them however you'd like. It's a great way that you can find free art online and these images can be used in photo galleries or as stand-alone statement pieces.

    You can search through the collection by keyword, by recently added items, or browse through the categories that include collections about nature, fashion, history, posters, and book art and illustrations. 

    If you're not sure what you're looking for, use the visualizing tool to quickly spot an image that speaks to you in a certain genre, century, collection, or color.

    When you go to download your free artwork, you can get the images in small, standard, or high-res. Get the largest image size available since you'll be printing.

    Digitized Prints and More from The New York Public Library

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    Oh So Lovely

    A group of six colorful printable art pieces

    Oh So Lovely

    Oh So Lovely has dozens of printables she's created that include word art, florals, abstract, holiday themes, animals, nature, nursery prints, and many others.

    She even posts round-ups of her printables that would look great grouped to form an almost instant gallery wall.

    This a collection of all of her free printables so you'll also see some printable cards and other items while you're browsing.

    Free Art Printables from Oh So Lovely

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    Feed Your Soul

    A girl knitting

    Feed Your Soul

    Feed Your Soul is a collection of artists who are offering their artwork, to you, all for free. It's completely legal for you to use for your home and it's a breeze to print off.

    There are some unique pieces of free art here including florals, abstracts, drawings, watercolors, digital art, and more.

    To print, just click on the image and a PDF file will open. You can print directly from your PDF program and then frame the image.

    Printable Illustrated Art from Feed Your Soul

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    Library of Congress Digital Collection

    San Xavier del Bac Mission in Tucson, AZ

    The Library of Congress

    The Library of Congress has a digital collection which is also a great place to find free art online. They have almost 300 collections, with dozens of images in each, that you can browse to find a great new piece of artwork for your home.

    The files are organized by subjects, such as American History, Art & Architecture, and World Cultures & History, and also by original formats, such as photo/print/drawing, or book/printed material. There are also a ton of maps that would look great hanging on a wall.

    You can download the images here in JPEGs or a TIFF file. We recommend downloading the largest image before printing.

    Library of Congress Digital Collection from The Library of Congress

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    USDA Special Collections

    USDA image


    The USDA has some special collections that lend themselves nicely to free art. There are digital printables of photographs, nursery and seed catalogs, rare books, posters, and manuscripts.

    The highlight of the free art here is the pomological watercolor collection, which has almost 8,000 watercolor paintings, drawings, and lithographs.​

    USDA Special Collections from USDA

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    Limes, lemons, kiwis, and apples


    If you're looking to fill your walls with beautiful and free photography, you'll want to stop and look around Morguefile. These are free stock images, and there are 350,000+ of them and you can print them out or use them online.

    To find the images at Morguefile you can sort by popularity, recent, last downloaded, and most downloaded. You can also use the search bar at the top of the page to enter a keyword.

    The size of the images at Morgue file varies but most are plenty big for you to print out and hang up.

    Free Photography Prints from Morguefile

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    Little Gold Pixel

    A gallery of free art that's great for an office

    Little Gold Pixel

    Little Gold Pixel has a great collection of free printables she's created that makes an easy addition to your free art collection.

    You can search by keyword or browse through the large handful of images that include quotes, abstracts, and prints that highlight nature, holidays, and more.

    She also features gallery walls that link to all of the printables and they are all free. This is such an easy way to get an instant gallery wall that's already been designed for you. The downloads come as a PDF file, making it quick and easy to print them.

    Free Printables from Little Gold Pixel

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    Make + Tell

    A free art print that features a sleeping fox and flowers

    Make & Tell 

    Make + Tell has five pages full of free printable wall art that is cheerful, colorful, and clever. These printables are great for a nursery, office, and just about any other room in your home.

    There are also a few free DIY art projects here so you can learn how to put your spin on the artwork before you hang it on your walls.

    It's very easy to download the free art posters here, they download as PDF files and a newsletter subscription is not required. 

    Free Printable Wall Art from Make & Tell

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    Burlap + Blue

    A free art print with a group of colorful succulents

    Burlap & Blue

    Burlap + Blue has more than 60 free printable wall art pieces that include motivational posters, watercolor art, colorful and silly printables, sophisticated prints, and lots of name art. There is something for everyone here!

    All the free printables here are JPG's that you can simply print right from your computer and hang on your wall. 

    Printable Wall Art from Burlap & Blue

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    Free Classic Images

    Rebel Without a Cause vintage movie poster

    Free Classic Images

    Free Vintage Posters is a great place to look for free art online with categories that include posters over travel, advertisements, animals, design, food, and drink, western, movies, circus, sports, and war.

    There's artwork here for any style, no matter if you're looking for something fun or something to impress. Click on the thumbnail of the art you like and then use the download link to get the highest resolution image.

    Vintage Posters from Free Classic Images

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    A map of the world in floral


    Chicfetti has 240+ free art that features abstracts, animals, fruits, quotes, florals, holidays, food, and much more.

    The images here are appropriate for living areas, kitchens, offices, bedrooms, kids' rooms, and nurseries, and just about anywhere else you have a wall that needs some pizazz.

    Note: You will need to unlock the download by liking or sharing ​them on social media. Once you've done that, the printable will be unlocked and you can download and print.

    Printable Wall Art from Chicfetti

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    Old Book Illustrations

    An art post featuring two men

    Old Book Illustrations

    How about an illustration from Oliver Twist or a French movie poster hanging up in your space? You can find these and plenty other options at Old Book Illustrations. Old Book Illustrations is a place where you can go to get free, printable illustrations from popular and more obscure books. You can browse by subject (such as people, landscapes, flowers, buildings) or by artist (such as Gustave Dore and John Leech) or just dig into the full list that includes all the illustrations they have.

    Click on a thumbnail of an illustration you love to view more info ab out it including the artist's name, date, and country. The illustrations can be printed by selecting the best resolution for printing. The raw scan option will give you the largest image.

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    Vintage Printable Wall Art

    A illustration of various coffee spoons

    The Graphics Fairy

    Vintage art images go with just about everything, no matter what style you've decorated in. Whether you're looking for art for your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or anywhere else, you're going to find some interesting images here. The whooping 200+ wall art images are organized into categories like flowers, birds, fruits and vegetables, insects, maps, animals, and household items. Keep in mind that you'll have to scroll down and click on the links to view all the images which can be time-consuming. All of these images are a nice larger size so you can download them and print them off as they are. To find the image you want, you'll need to scroll through the blog post to find it.

    Vintage Printable Wall Art from The Graphics Fairy