Projects and Patterns for Fabric Yo-Yos

Yo-Yo Sewing Projects and Patterns

Fabric yo-yo
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It's so easy to make fabric yo-yos that you can end up with bags of them that are ready to sew into a beautiful project. What to make with all those yo-yos is the question. Use these ideas for items you can use, give as gifts, or sell at craft fairs.

Yo-Yo Doily

A yo-yo doily is a simple way to use up all the yo-yos. That is, it is simple until you start to lay them out and have to decide on the pattern and spacing. You can set them vertically, horizontally, or diagonally and make a square, rectangle, parallelogram, or other shape. Take digital pictures of each pattern as you play with arranging them. It's amazing how rapidly you can forget the one that you should have gone with and just how different the patterns can look when you look back at them.

Yo-Yo Clown

Sew your yo-yos with a plan so you can put them together to make a yo-yo clown. The instructions for this toy call for many repetitious stitches to be sure the toy is safe and all small parts are secure. Whenever making toys, use the strongest thread you can find. Invest in button and carpet thread. Tie off and knot securely to prevent any parts from becoming separated.

Yo-Yo Quilts

Your yo-yos can be stitched together to make a quilt, with or without backing, or used as appliqué embellishments on quilt blocks or tied quilts. Yo-yo quilts were popular in the 1930s and 1940s. They are often scrap quilts. Without a backing, the quilt could be a coverlet or throw. Depending on how closely or loosely you sew the yo-yos together you could have a quilt with open areas or one where the yo-yos puff up.

Scrunchie Headband With Yo-Yo Decoration

Make fun fabric headbands for your family or to give as gifts. A yo-yo in the same or contrasting fabric is used as a decoration. You might make them in school colors or as part of a fun run team costume.

Yo-Yos on Fabric Purses and Bags

Yo-yos are fun embellishments for bags, totes, and pocketbooks. Use one of the many free online purse patterns to play with embellishing a purse.

Yo-Yo Placemat

This simple arrangement of yo-yos is excellent for a placemat. But you could also expand it into a doormat. Once you start sewing yo-yos together, it can be hard to stop.

Yo-Yo Bird Applique

This applique pattern of birds and birdhouses is lovely on a denim shirt, but it is pretty enough to make for a wall piece. It can inspire you to turn your yo-yos into art.

Indygo Junction Yo-Yo Patterns

Indygo Junction has stuffed animals that combine a patchwork look with yo-yos and they have patterns that combine felting and yo-yos. You can buy their patterns online or find them at local quilt stores.

Indygo Junction Yo-Yo Patterns from Indygo Junction