What to do with Yo-Yos

Yo-Yo Sewing Projects

Fabric yo-yo
  marzena_cytacka / Getty Images

You got bitten by the yo-yo bug and have bags of simple yo-yos ready to sew into a beautiful project... what to make with all those yo-yos is the question!

  • A yo-yo doily is a simple way to use up all the yo-yos. Simple until you start to lay them out and have to decide on the pattern and spacing. The yo-yo gallery shows just a few of the many choices to put together yo-yos. I came across many when I started putting together a yo-yo doily. One tip I can offer is to take digital pictures of each pattern as you play with arranging them. It's amazing how rapidly you can forget the one that you should have gone with and just how different the patterns can look when you look back at them on the computer monitor.
  • Sew your yo-yos with a plan so you can put them together to make a yo-yo clown. The instructions for this toy call for many repetitious stitches to be sure the toy is safe and all small parts are secure.
  • I LOVE the Indygo Junction Yo-Yo Patterns. They have stuffed animals that combine a patchwork look with yo-yos and they have patterns that combine felting and yo-yos. I've found Indygo Junction Patterns in local quilt stores so you may be able to find them locally..
  • Even if you don't quilt quilters can give you inspiration. Squished yo-yos make a fantastic quilt!
  • The packaging for yo-yo tools shows pocketbooks with yo-yo covering them in various patterns. Use one of the many free online purse patterns to play with embellishing a purse.
  • A quick look at the big three pattern catalogs did not reveal any new yo-yo patterns... but yo-yos are not new and I'm sure they will be digging through their archives to update the many patterns from the past that used yo-yos for great toys and more.
  • Because yo-yos are not actually a new project auction sites are a wonderful resource for yo-yo patterns. Using the search terms "yo-yo patterns" will find many choices. Simplicity Pattern 8225 on Ebay is a great example of how it can pay to save your old patterns. While I'm writing this the bid is $20.50 for a pattern that was originally $1.75.
  • Free Directions to sew a yo-yo place mat also shows a door mat by expanding the place mat.

If you do make toys remember safety! Use the strongest thread you can find! Invest in button and carpet thread. Tie off and knot securely to prevent any parts from becoming separated.