Wedding Favor Box Templates

Use these free templates to make wedding favor boxes

Make your own custom wedding favor boxes using these templates. These custom DIY boxes will definitely impress guests. 

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    Make Handmade Gift and Favor Boxes

    Handmade Favor Boxes
    Getty Images: Sol de Zuasnabar Brebbia

    These are easy to customize, make the boxes out of a card that matches the color scheme of your wedding or decorated plain white card with rubber stamps with a complementary colored ink. These boxes are ideal for holding a wide variety of favors and small gifts.

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    Flat Folder

    Flat Folder
    Kate Pullen

    This flat folder is quick and easy to make. It is ideal for holding a flat wedding favor, such as a cd or photograph.

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    Paper Gift Bag

    Gift Bag
    Kate Pullen

    This is a sturdy gift bag. If you make it from cardstock it will stand up on its own making an ideal table decoration as well as a wedding favor. The bag can be embellished in a variety of ways.

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    Exploding Box

    Exploding Box
    Kate Pullen

    This is nowhere near as dangerous as it sounds! When the box is opened the sides fall away to reveal a cascade of smaller leafs. These are popular with scrapbookers as photos and other mementos can be placed on each leaf of the exploding box. This is a great way to make a very personal wedding favor. There is plenty of room inside the box to add a small gift or candy.

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    Icicle Box Wedding Favor Template

    Icicle Box Template
    Kate Pullen

    This is an attractive wedding favor box that also makes a pretty ornament. Add beads or ribbons for a stunning finish. This is another version of this template, with a raised lid that can be used as a decorative feature.

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    Dome Box

    Dome Box
    Kate Pullen

    This dome box is also known as a bonbon box and is ideal for holding a candy or other small gift. This is an attractive looking box that is surprisingly easy to make and is ideal for use as a wedding favor.

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    Simple Folded Box and Lid

    Simple Folded Box
    Kate Pullen

    This simple box and lid can be made in any size. The basic box is made from a piece of square paper or card. Decorations using rubber stamps, stickers and more can be added to customize the box and make it a great choice for a simple wedding favor.

    Here are some tips to help you make great wedding favors:

    • Print the templates onto scrap paper and practice different designs before finalizing your choice
    • Templates can be made bigger or smaller using your printer or a photocopier, or you can ask a print shop to prepare your printing files
    • Make a sample box and mark where the decoration is to go before finishing the boxes, this will save any mishaps such as a stamped image placed the wrong way up
    • Prepare the favor boxes in advance by printing the templates, trimming the box shapes from paper or card stock, adding any surface decorations and then store the prepared boxes flat, ready to assemble shortly before the wedding. This avoids any risk of damage to the favor boxes before the date of the wedding.