Simple Weaving Techniques With Miniature Baskets

Woven basket
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Learn to weave miniature or dollhouse baskets with thread over wire to replicate traditional full-size weaving techniques. This list has two pages of linked projects with clear photo instructions. The projects are laid out in order of difficulty for each type of basket. Using the techniques shown here, you can make these baskets for a range of dollhouse scales, or use traditional materials and make the baskets in full size. The baskets range from traditional coiled baskets to woven baskets using methods made for cane, fibers, and fabric or flat splints of wood.

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    Weave a Miniature Fruit Basket

    A finished woven fruit basket in dolls house scale made from wire and embroidery thread.

    Lesley Shepherd

    This miniature fruit basket in dollhouse scale is the easiest miniature basket in this collection. It is made with traditional basketry techniques using linen embroidery thread. In full size it would be made from cane. You can make the basket larger or smaller by changing the gauge or number of the wires, and the thickness or number of strands of the embroidery thread.

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    Weave a Miniature Bird Cage

    The top wires are wrapped around the hanger to finish the dolls house scale bird cage.

    Lesley Shepherd

    Use the instructions for a woven miniature bird cage to make a basket entirely from covered wire. It is a form of an oval basket with straight sides, and you can use the instructions to make various bird cages with different shaped bases, or to make laundry hampers, shopping carts and other larger straight-sided conical baskets.

    The basket can be filled with flowers or you can make miniature doves to go in the basket.

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    Weave a Miniature Pastry Basket or Drawer

    Miniature woven pastry basket or drawer in dolls house scale.

    Lesley Shepherd

    Make these rectangular wood-bottomed baskets with or without dropped handles or pull fronts to add to pastry counters or miniature kitchens. These baskets have a solid wood base, and the technique can be used for a range of trays or other containers where you want woven sides over a flat base.

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    Coil a Simple Rag Basket in Miniature

    A 1:12 scale tartan coiled rag basket holds miniature knitting, needles and yarn.

    Lesley Shepherd

    Colorful rags were often used to make coil baskets. This technique for making a miniature rag basket allows you to make baskets for dollhouse scenes. For this basket, the rags are wrapped over wire. For full-sized baskets the coil is made from rags alone, or rags wrapped over a center of straw or rope. Coiled baskets are easy to shape and once you learn the technique you can expand it to a wide range of basket designs.

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    Weave a Miniature Baby Basket

    Dollhouse baby in a simple miniature oval basket woven from wire and crochet thread.

    Lesley Shepherd

    Make a simple woven baby basket. Baby baskets with handles have a very long history. Coil a miniature basket using strings of garden raffia wrapped around a wire center. You can also use paper for a similar effect. In larger sizes, you could wrap raffia around itself or a cord of heavy crochet thread to make similar baskets. Wire makes the basket a bit easier to manage in smaller scales.

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    Weave a Miniature Wicker Change Table

    Dollhouse miniature wicker change table made from instructions on

    Lesley Shepherd

    This woven wicker change table is a companion piece to the baby basket. It is shown here woven from crochet cotton over white cake wire.  The method of weaving furniture is very similar to that used for baskets with a wooden base.