5 Ways to Use Money Origami

Heart shaped US currency
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Money origami figures offer a fun twist on traditional origami folding. The rectangular shape of the dollar bill provides different design challenges, resulting in a better understanding of the general principles behind the art of paper folding.

This slideshow provides examples of five of the many different occasions where money origami gifts like the money origami wreath are appropriate.

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    Origami With Money for Tips

    A money origami bunny
    Dana Hinders

    Tips are to reward servers for good work, but sometimes money alone isn't enough to show your appreciation. Fold your tip into an origami figure such as a whimsical money bunny to leave a thoughtful surprise for a hard-working waiter or waitress. Just be cautious when leaving origami tips around children; very young children might mistake your tip for a cute toy and try to pocket the money intended for your server.

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    Easy Money Origami for the Tooth Fairy

    Quarters inside an origami dollar bill box
    Dana Hinders

    Has your son or daughter recently lost a tooth? Folding money into shapes makes for a cute surprise for the tooth fairy to leave a lucky child. A tiny box or basket is an obvious choice, but you could choose a different figure to represent your child's interests if you want a more personal touch. 

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    Folding Money Origami for Birthdays

    A money origami kusudama flower
    Dana Hinders

    Flowers are a popular birthday gift, but wouldn't it be fun to receive a bouquet of money origami flowers? If your budget doesn't allow for making an entire bouquet of money origami flowers, mix them with standard origami kusudama flowers for a thoughtful arrangement. You can use inexpensive wooden chopsticks to make the flower stems.

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    Money Origami Hearts for Weddings

    A money origami heart
    Dana Hinders

    Money is a common wedding gift, but a couple starting a new life together deserves something a little more thoughtful than some bills in an envelope. Make a series of money origami hearts to show your affection for the newlyweds. Wrap the hearts in colorful tissue paper for a pretty presentation. You can either place them in a box made from origami paper or wrap them in a small jewelry box.

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    Money Origami Shirts for Graduation Gifts

    A tiny origami money shirt
    Dana Hinders

    What does a new graduate need? Practical gifts like clothes tend to top the lists of most high school graduates, but picking out clothes for someone you don't know very well can be tricky. A money shirt makes your intentions clear and gives the recipient the freedom to select an appropriate item. Remember to use crisp bills for this project, however. You want your shirt to have a new, freshly ironed look instead of appearing like something that was carelessly tossed into a dresser drawer!

    If you can't find a friendly bank teller to help you get crisp bills, try lightly ironing the bills on a low setting or gently pressing them with a flat iron used to straighten curly hair. Currency paper is made of 25% linen and 75% cotton, so it will not set fire or scorch as long as you are attentive during the ironing process.