7 Ways To Make Great Miniatures From Junk

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    Re Use a Broken Flower Pot to Make a Miniature Garden

    Lesley Shepherd

    How to Turn a Broken Plant Pot Into a Miniature Garden

    After a cold winter many of us have broken flower pots. Here's how you can change what's broken into a great display for smaller scale plants. The flower pot can have a miniature or fairy garden theme with small scale accessories, or you can just plant it in layers for a great plant container that collects and showcases miniature treasures.  The link above will take you to the Broken Flowerpot garden instructions.

    For accessories, many made from recyclables,  to add to a broken flower pot garden see the links below:

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    Make Miniatures from Wooden Coffee Stir Sticks

    Lesley Shepherd

    Make this Picket Fence Bed from Recycled Wooden Stir Sticks

    Wooden stir sticks and frozen treat sticks can be a great source of material for miniature projects. Run them through a dishwasher to clean them thoroughly and allow them to dry before using them a a craft material.  In addition to the coffee stir stick bed shown here, you can use stir sticks to easily make a picket fence or picket gate, or a corner plant stand.  They can also be substituted for all kinds of miniature projects that would otherwise need narrow strip wood.

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    Recycle Straws into a Miniature Air Mattress

    Lesley Shepherd

    Make a Miniature Air Mattress From Plastic Straws

    This miniature project is equally great for a dollhouse doll at the beach, or for the top of a retirement cake. The miniature air mattress shown here is made  from plastic straws, heat welded with a kitchen spatula to form the seams. The link above will take you to the project instructions. Run the straws through a dishwasher to make sure they are clean if you use recycled straws for this project.  They might as well have a second life on the way to a landfill site near you.


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    Turn a Discarded Pen or Pencil Cap Into a Miniature Pitcher

    Lesley Shepherd

    Make a Dollhouse Pitcher from a Discarded Pencil Cap 

    This dollhouse pitcher (instructions linked above)  is made by recycling a clear plastic pen or pencil cap. I used a cap from a makeup pencil. You can make a range of miniatures including small scale drinking glasses to match the pitcher if you check your makeup or school supply drawer for broken pens or pencils with plastic caps.


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    Recycle Straws or Plastic Rods Into Miniature Bottles

    Lesley Shepherd

    Make Miniature Bottles From Recycled Plastic and Straws.

    The range of recycled miniature bottles shown here were all made by heating and drawing out bits of recycled plastic straws, caps or plastic rod from packaging. See the link above for instructions on how to do it.  This is a simple technique using a tea light candle as a heat source. Experiment with different colors and thicknesses of plastic to see what types and sizes of bottles you can produce for miniature scenes.


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    Use Small Recycled Boxes to Build a Rustic Model Cabin

    Lesley Shepherd

    Make a Rustic Miniature Cabin from Recycled Boxes

    Shown here with a winter coating of 'snow'  on the roof, this cabin was made entirely from recycled boxes, and recycled paper bags, with a few twigs for window and door details.  If you want to make a summer version, you can make miniature shingles for a roof using brown paper or recycled card. Follow the instructions linked above to make the rustic miniature cabin.

    For Halloween Haunted Houses, you can use the printables supplied here along with recycled cereal boxes to make a range of buildings suited to 1:24 scale figures (Playmobil etc.)


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    Recycle Scraps of Fabric Into Doll Clothing

    Lesley Shepherd

    Doll clothing is a great way to recycle scraps of fabric. The removeable jeans shown here were made from the sleeve of a  a recycled denim shirt. Follow the link for how to make a pair for your doll.

    Using worn fabric not only helps recycle but also often is a source of thinner fabrics that work well for small scale clothing projects. See the complete list of doll clothing projects  for all kinds of items you can make. There are even ways to make doll clothing from baby or toddler socks.