46 Eggcellent Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

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    Eggstra! Eggstra!

    Buck tradition with your Easter eggs this year using any of these inspired decoration ideas. Transform egg shells into veritable works of art, using everything from customary vinegar-based dye to gold leaf and sparkly glitter.

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    Marbled Easter Eggs

    For a pretty twist on traditional dye methods, try marbling your Easter eggs! A bit of nail polish in bright spring colors, a container of water, and a toothpick will do the trick. 

    Marbled Easter Eggs from The Spruce 

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    Typography Easter Eggs

    Channel the cuteness of Valentine's candy hearts for these eggs–dye or paint a base color, then use contact paper snipped into letters to stick on fun messages.

    Crafter Beware: the scissor work can get tedious here without a Cricut Machine.

    Typography Eggs from Lovely Indeed

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    Watercolor Floral Easter Eggs

    Impressionists take heed: this tutorial requires a bit of artistry, but the end result is absolutely dreamy. Use food coloring to paint flowers onto eggs' shells, then enhance with a black permanent marker. Gather a bunch of these together for a fun edible centerpiece at Easter brunch.

    Watercolor Floral Easter Eggs from Dream a Little Bigger

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    Metallic Gold Foil Easter Eggs

     Use gold foil for a modern, fresh take on classic Easter egg dyeing. If you use faux eggs, you can have these as decor for many Easters to come!

    Metallic Leaf Easter Eggs from The Spruce

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    Emoji Easter Eggs

    Give your Easter eggs a bit of personality by adding emoji faces! Get creative and try other emojis too: how cute would the Bunny Eared Girls look painted on a pastel egg? Consider paper mache eggs for this project -- the craft paint and permanent marker aren't too friendly on the taste buds.

    Emoji Eggs from Studio DIY

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    Indigo Marbled Easter Eggs

    Nail polish dripped into cool water gets marbled onto eggs in this tutorial. The final product is reminiscent of shibori–the Japanese indigo dyeing technique.

    Indigo Marbled Easter Eggs from Alice And Lois

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    Confetti Easter Eggs

    Rita Shehan

    An Easter tradition in Mexico, Cascarón, or hollowed-out eggs filled with confetti, make a super special surprise for children. This helpful step-by-step teaches how to hollow your eggs, then dry, paint, and fill. Hide these around the yard for a fun Easter egg hunt!

    Confetti Easter Eggs from The Spruce

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    Foliage Eggs

    Forage for wildflowers and greens to bring the freshness of Spring inside using this Mod Podge tutorial. There's no hand-painting involved here, so crafters of all skill levels can create a beautiful egg (or twelve).

    Foliage Eggs from Say Yes

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    Fruit Slice Easter Eggs

    Easter eggs take inspiration from fresh fruits here, and this tutorial also includes a great suggestion for an edible (but highly pigmented) paint alternative. Decorate a dozen to create your own fun "fruit" basket.

    Fruit Slice Eggs from A Subtle Revelry

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    Blooming Eggs

    Pastel dyed shells provide the perfect backdrop for a sweet little bloom in these 3D pieces of edible art. Use hot glue to attach flowers (faux or real) to the egg for a bountiful bouquet of little beauties.

    Blooming Easter Eggs from Design Improvised

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    Swan and Flamingo Eggs

    These avian-inspired showstoppers would make excellent decor for your buffet table. Card stock or heavyweight construction paper makes the wings and necks, which are simply glued to the naked egg. Create a whole flock to enhance your Easter celebration.

    DIY Swan and Flamingo Easter Eggs from Studio DIY

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    Spotted Easter Eggs

    Speckle your eggs in black and white, then prop them up in colorful cups for a fun juxtaposition. Use a small paintbrush to create these tiny shell spots with craft paint.

    DIY Spotted Easter Eggs from Sarah Hearts

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    Moss Covered Easter Eggs

    Use faux moss and a little glue to make designs on hard boiled eggs a la this project. These would look great on a nature-inspired tablescape.

    Moss Covered Eggs from The Merrythought

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    Galaxy Easter Eggs

    Sponge and splatter paint your Easter eggs into cosmic wonders. Again, this tutorial uses acrylic paint, so best to decorate plastic, non-edible eggs if you're attempting these other-worldly galaxy eggs.

    Galaxy Easter Eggs from Dream a Little Bigger

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    Ice Cream Cone Inspired Eggs

    Turn hard boiled eggs into sweet treats with this craft. Real hot fudge, sprinkles, and maraschino cherries top eggs set in ice cream cones. These look super cute set out on the counter, or even better, let guests create their own!

    Ice Cream Cone Eggs from Studio DIY

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    Carrot Easter Eggs

    Adorable felt leaves top painted hard boiled eggs to mimic carrots here. Pair with a stuffed bunny to create a thematic display for your Easter celebration.

    Carrot Easter Eggs from A Night Owl Blog

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    DIY Photo Easter Eggs

    Honor Easter guests with their images Mod Podged onto hard-boiled eggs. This tutorial teaches the clever technique of printing photos directly onto facial tissue taped to printer paper, then trimmed and pasted to each egg. No special tools or papers required!

    DIY Photo Easter Eggs from A Subtle Revelry

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    DIY Pantone Easter Eggs

    For the art enthusiast: mimic Pantone color cards by dipping a portion of each egg into regular egg dye, then apply a color label by printing onto temporary tattoo paper (or use the same facial tissue method from the DIY photo Easter eggs).

    DIY Pantone Easter Eggs from How About Orange

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    Lace Easter Eggs

    Brown paper mache eggs provide a nice contrast for a delicate white lace wrap. This is a great way to utilize those spare lengths of lace and trim gathering dust in your sewing box.

    Lace Eggs from Design Improvised

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    Pineapple Eggs

    Similar to the carrot eggs, these veggie-inspired creations use a bit of additional material for their toppers. In this case, trim a bit of construction paper into spiky leaves to top yellow painted hard-boiled eggs.

    DIY Pineapple Easter Eggs from Studio DIY

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    Bunny Eggs

    Marry the Easter Bunny with Easter eggs in this craft. This tutorial includes a free printable template for the bunny ears and nose to make it extra friendly for beginners.

    Bunny Eggs from Brite and Bubbly

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    Washi Tape Triangles Easter Eggs

    Washi tape, a hurried crafter's best friend, lends a hand by transforming into colorful sprinkles here. Place triangular bits of patterned or pastel tape around your hard-boiled eggs for a quick and easy decoration idea.

    Washi Tape Triangle Eggs from Lovely Indeed

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    Rhinestone Covered Easter Eggs

    Add some glittery sparkle to your Easter decor with rhinestone covered eggs! Hot glue or stick-on gems in fun patterns to mimic a fancy Faberge laden with crystals.

    Rhinestone Easter Eggs from Lovely Indeed

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    DIY Graphic Black and White Easter Eggs

    Use a permanent marker to draw compelling patterns onto hollowed-out eggshells. Find inspiration in everything from contemporary art to ancient Greek vases.

    DIY Graphic Black and White Easter Eggs from Earnest Home Co

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    Neon Dot Easter Eggs

    Another great tutorial for beginners: This one utilizes dot stickers in fun colors to create pattern and design. Get creative and use other shapes of stickers, or dye your eggs first for a fun background!

    Neon Dot Eggs from Design Improvised

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    Kool-Aid Dyed Easter Eggs

    Drip-dye your Easter eggs with food safe concentrated Kool-Aid Liquid. This technique is especially Instagram-worthy; as you drip color after color, your eggs become vibrant works of art.

    Kool-Aid Dyed Eggs from Freutcake

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    Bunny Decoupage Easter Eggs

    Break out the Mod Podge once again to apply lovely little bunnies to blank hard boiled eggs. The completed look is entirely reminiscent of your favorite childhood storybooks–simple and whimsical.

    Bunny Decoupage Easter Eggs from Heart Handmade UK

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    Chick Easter Eggs

    A wispy little feather tops yellow eggs to create baby chicks that'll add some cuteness to any Easter decor. Finish the chicks' faces with bits of washi tape.

    Chick Easter Eggs from It All Started With Paint

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    DIY Balloon Easter Eggs

    Transform Easter eggs into festive balloons! These clever DIYs will add some color to any spread, especially if you're celebrating a family birthday near Easter.

    DIY Balloon Eggs from A Joyful Riot

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    Tempoary Tattoo Easter Eggs

    Repurpose body art into egg art! Regular temporary tattoos can be applied to hard-boiled eggs, quickly and easily, we might add, to reveal a vibrant and detailed image. This is a great one for kids–they'll love the impressive product sans any sort of tricky technique.

    Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs from Uncommon Designs

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    Ninja Eggs

    It's the details in this craft that make it so successful–toothpicks become ninja swords, and a bit of ribbon makes the perfect belt. These sneaky little guys are perfect to hide around the yard for a fun hunt!

    DIY Ninja Easter Eggs from OhOh Blog

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    Rainbow Heart Easter Eggs

    No fancy tools needed here–mask off a simple shape (like a heart) with tape, then dip dye your Easter eggs. Peeling the tape reveals a shape created by the un-tinted negative space, and the entire look is almost too precious to eat (almost).

    Rainbow Heart Eggs from The Sweetest Occasion

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    Washi Tape Easter Eggs

    Experiment a bit with your Washi collection; try different thicknesses to criss-cross over eggs before dying, decorate already colored eggs, and snip it into fun shapes or polka dots to add interest. This tutorial gives a great starting point for your best Washi tape eggs.

    Washi Tape Eggs from Centsational Girl

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    Dot Outline Easter Eggs

    Practice relief drawing with this project. Use an Easter sticker as a guide, then Sharpie-in little dots to form cute shapes.

    Dot Outline Easter Eggs from Cutesy Crafts

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    DIY Sprinkle Easter Eggs

    Put leftover sprinkles to use decorating Easter eggs! Use a little craft glue to adhere sprinkles to each egg, then let dry completely. These end up quite delicate, but they're so pretty it may just be worth it.

    DIY Sprinkle Easter Eggs from Studio DIY

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    Handwritten Easter Eggs

    Grab a permanent marker and scribble a few thematic words, lyrics to a meaningful song, or a seasonal blessing directly onto your eggshells.

    Handwritten Eggs from Alisa Burke

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    Colorful Gold Leaf Easter Eggs

    Bright, bold colors and gold leaf combine for a striking look. Pro tip: make sure your boiled eggs are room temperature before painting or applying the gold leaf for best staying power.

    Colorful Gold Leaf Easter Eggs from Dream a Little Bigger

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    Sprayed Gold Easter Eggs

    Experiment with spray paint and faux eggs (non-plastic if you're using spray paint). Metallic gold looks especially chic when applied to the entire egg.

    Sprayed Gold Easter Eggs from Cocorrina

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    DIY Glitter Polka Dot Easter Eggs

    This project could not be easier thanks to sticky glue dots. Pop the glue stickers onto your eggs, then dip into fine glitter to achieve a sparkly polka-dotted shell!

    DIY Glitter Polka Dot Easter Eggs from A Pumpkin and a Princess

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    Blue Speckled Easter Eggs

    Mimic iconic robin's egg by dying or painting your eggs a pretty light blue, then add gold speckles using a metallic permanent marker.

    Blue Speckled Easter Eggs from Carolyn's Home Work

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    DIY Calligraphy Easter Eggs

    Transfer beautifully designed seasonal messages onto Easter eggs using temporary tattoo paper. This tutorial includes a template of phrases for your crafting ease.

    DIY Calligraphy Easter Eggs from Oh Happy Day

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    Baker's Twine Wrapped Easter Eggs

    Add texture to your annual eggs by wrapping them in Baker's Twine. A basketful of these, especially in multiple sizes, make an interesting centerpiece.

    Baker's Twine Wrapped Eggs from Landeelu

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    Translucent Epsom Salt Easter Eggs

    Chalk-tinted Epsom salt looks like delicate pastel glitter, and it adds great sparkle when applied to plastic Easter eggs.

    Translucent Epsom Salt Eggs from Bliss Bloom Blog

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    Confetti Dipped Easter Eggs

    Give your Easter eggs a bit of three-dimensional shine with golden confetti. Brush on patches of glue, then roll them into the confetti bits for party-ready eggs.

    Confetti Dipped Easter Eggs from Studio DIY

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    Watercolor Eggs

    Break out your paint brushes and swipe watercolor patterns over your eggshells. Think chevron, stripes, and polka dots!

    Watercolor Eggs from A Pumpkin and a Princess

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    Ombre Easter Eggs

    Use spray paint to achieve a trendy ombre finish on hollowed-out or wooden Easter eggs.

    Ombre Eggs from Ash Bee Design