17 Ways to Craft with Paper Rolls

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    Fun Ways to Craft with Paper Tubes

    Alisa Burke

    Help protect our Earth and teach kids about caring for the planet. Start saving up all your paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls for crafting! There are so many fun and imaginative ways to craft with these paper tubes!

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    Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly

    Where Imagination Grows

    Kids love butterflies! They are pretty, whimsical creatures that capture their imaginations. This is the perfect craft for the spring and summer months.

    Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly from The Spruce

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    Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeders

    The Moffatt Girls

    Put your toilet rolls to good use and add a little peanut butter and seeds for the birds.

    Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeders from The Moffatt Girls

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    Yarn Wrapped Paper Tube Owl

    Make and Takes

    Wrap up this darling little owl friend to flutter around the house.

    Yarn Wrapped Paper Tube Owl from Make and Takes

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    Race Car Tube Challenge

    Make and Takes

    By cutting paper tubes in half, you can create a fun race track challenge.

    Race Car Tube Challenge from Make and Takes

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    Olaf from Frozen

    Crafts by Amanda

    This is a must-make craft for kids who are in love with the movie Frozen.

    Olaf from Frozen from Crafts by Amanda

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    Confetti Popper Toilet Paper Tubes

    Smashed Peas and Carrots

    Make these fun and festive confetti poppers for an upcoming party! These would make a great birthday party craft.

    Confetti Popper Toilet Paper Tubes from Smashed Peas and Carrots

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    How to Make Rain Sticks

    Happy Hooligans

    Make and decorate these rain sticks to celebrate spring showers.

    How to Make Rain Sticks from Happy Hooligans

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    Yule Log Favor Boxes

    Martha Stewart

    These gorgeous favor boxes would be darling for a home decoration around the holidays, or make them with your kids in the spring when all the birds are out in your yard.

    Yule Log Favor Boxes from Martha Stewart

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    Duct Tape Cardboard Bracelets

    Make and Takes

    Add a little decorative tape to these paper tubes to make fancy bracelets!

    Duct Tape Cardboard Bracelets from Make and Takes

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    Paper Roll Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Crafts by Courtney

    Does your child love TMNT? Make all 4 Ninja Turtles for a fun craft (don't forget their favorite food!).

    Paper Roll Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from Crafts by Courtney

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    Brown Paper Seedling Pots

    Carolyn's Homework

    Use your paper tubes for a little gardening and make these sweet planters.

    Brown Paper Seedling Pots from Carolyn's Homework

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    Marshmallow Shooters

    Growing a Jeweled Rose

    Make these fun and easy marshmallow shooters with just 2 supplies.

    Marshmallow Shooters from Growing a Jeweled Rose

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    Toilet Paper Roll Black Cat

    Where Imagination Grows

    Make a black cat, complete with whiskers and tail, for a Halloween craft or really any day of the year. 

    Toilet Paper Roll Black Cat from The Spruce

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    Toilet Paper Roll Fish

    Meaningful Mama

    Craft a few fish for the kids to decorate and play with!

    Toilet Paper Roll Fish from Meaningful Mama

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    Paper Tube Snowman Stamps

    Make and Takes

    Use your paper tube to stamp perfect circles, just right for stacking and creating a snowman.

    Paper Tube Snowman Stamps from Make and Takes

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    Little Monster Paper Tube Tutorial

    Alisa Burke

    These monster paper tubes are almost too cute to be scary.

    Little Monster Paper Tube Tutorial from Alisa Burke

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    Pig Recycled Tube Craft

    Creative Me Inspired You

    How darling are these sweet pigs? These would make such cute Valentine's to give out.

    Pig Recycled Tube Craft from Creative Me Inspired You