Definition of Wax Resist

Wax resist pottery
Museum of East Asian Art/Heritage Images/Getty Images 

Wax Resist (noun) is a waxy substance used to prevent slips, engobes, or glazes from adhering onto the clay body or a prior coating of slip, etc. A resist is especially helpful in keeping glaze from adhering to a pot's foot, and in the case of a lidded jar, from keeping the areas the lid and the jar meet free from glaze. In the past, wax resists where simply melted wax; today there are a number of wax emulsions, including many which are water-based.

Wax resist can also used in decoration. The resist can be used both under or over underglazes, glazes, and slips to create designs. These decorative elements can be quite simple or incredibly complex. Further information and examples can be found in the following articles:

Also Known As: wax emulsion

Examples: Make certain you coat the entire foot of your pot with wax resist prior to dipping the pot into glaze, or the glaze may weld the pot to the kiln shelf during firing. (noun)