Watercolor Painting and Rubber Stamps

Where to Learn More About Watercolor Paints and Rubber Stamping

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While in its most simple form, rubber stamping can be as basic as stamping an image on a piece of paper, when rubber stamping is combined with other techniques wonderful works of art can be achieved. One way to really transform a rubber stamped image is the addition of color. Color can be added using any number of coloring mediums, however, one popular and accessible method is through the use of watercolor paints. Watercolor paints are ideal for adding color to some of the beautiful stamp images that are available now and are great for achieving sophisticated looking results

While watercolors are relatively easy to paint with and require little in the way of specialist materials or knowledge, to achieve really good results it is important to know a few key basics. This will you produce great looking artwork and help you get the most of your materials. An alternative to watercolor paints is watercolor pencils, see ​Watercolor Pencils for more information.

There are many ways to learn more about watercolors and how to use them to achieve good looking results. These include:

Learn About Watercolor Painting Online

One of the most convenient ways to learn more about watercolor painting is online through websites. Marion Boddy-Evans offers information about all aspects of painting including watercolor techniques. You will find a complete introduction to watercolors as well as an explanation of different materials. There is also a range of videos, discussing different techniques. For a good starting point see Absolute Beginners. Marion answers many questions that are commonly asked by beginners. There is also a lively forum which is ideal for getting help and support.

Other sites have some relevant information including Stampington. A Stampington watercolor tutorial also has an interesting feature where different watercolor techniques are demonstrated on rubber stamped images.


Books can be a useful source of information. Unlike classes or live demonstrations, a book allows the reader to browse and absorb the information at their own speed. There are a wide range of books available that focus on different techniques and approaches. While books discussing watercolors for use specifically with rubber stamps are thin on the ground, many stampers will find that a good watercolor technique book will give them an excellent grounding. The following book books may be of particular interest:

  • Rubber Stamping with Watercolors by David Brethauer - this book specifically covers the subject of using watercolors with rubber stamps
  • Light Up Your Layers by Linda Stevens Moyer- a book about building up colors by applying multiple layers of transparent watercolor

How to Paint: Watercolor Washes - learn this watercolor technique to add color to your rubber stamping projects.


  • Use waterproof ink for the image, whether you stamp before or after adding paint
  • Use a flat heavyweight paper, for instance, a hot press watercolor paper
  • Consider using a gray or brown ink for a more subtle outline
  • Try techniques such as stamping using a dye ink onto wet paper for abstract results.