Visor Beanie Hat Patterns

Find Patterns for Crocheting Visor Beanie Hats and Other Hats With Visors

Visor beanies are popular with the skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing crowd. You don’t have to be an extreme sports enthusiast to appreciate these versatile hats, though. They’re great for keeping your head warm and the sun out of your eyes at the same time, even if you’re just chilling out in the backyard at home.

Here’s a list of crochet patterns for making your own visor beanie hats. This is a two-part list; the patterns at the top of the list are available on the Internet for free. The second part of the list features even more visor beanie patterns that you can buy.

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    Crochet Visor Beanie Pattern

    Visor Beanie Hat Pattern
    Visor Beanie Hat Pattern. Visor Beanie Hat Pattern - Photo © Erica Jackofsky

    The "Backloop Visor Beanie" is a casual, versatile, unisex hat sized for teens and adults. It's worked in a variation of single crochet stitch; you'll crochet through the back loops to create the design.

    This pattern design is by Erica Jackofsky. Erica is a whiz at designing hats; she's posted some truly fab designs here on our website. Be sure to take a look at her other crochet patterns too!

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    Visor Beanie Hat Patterns by Valerie Whitten

    Valerie Whitten has designed bunches of cute visor hat patterns (and even a visor pattern.) Many of her designs are sized for children. You can find links to some of her free patterns below:

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    Two-Toned Beaked Hat

    Debbie G. designed this practical hat for wintertime use. She was tired of getting snow spots on her glasses, so she came up with this pattern to fix that issue.

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    "Hep Hat" Visor Beanie - Free Pattern

    Rina at posted a free pattern for a visor beanie which she calls her "Hep Hat." It's an intriguing unisex design crocheted using half double crochets and front post double crochets.

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    Crochet Beanie Cap With Visor - Free Pattern, Chart and Videos

    Theresa Richardson shares a free beanie pattern including symbol chart, written instructions, and even some helpful videos.

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    Crocheted Hat With Visor-Style Brim

    This hat is designed to fit most women and teens. It can also be adapted to fit children.

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    Hats With Bills, Yo! A Visor Beanie Hat Discussion and Patterns at

    A creative user posted photos and instructions for an interesting hybrid visor beanie hat she crocheted.

    She used a man's post stitch cap by Lyn's designs and added a modified version of the brim from Tenille's brimmed slouchy hat. The results are very cool if you're up for putting on your "thinking cap" to figure it all out. (If not, the two patterns she used are also great patterns on their own.)

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    Regular Crocheted Visor (Without the Beanie)

    Here's a free pattern for a visor you can crochet using Red Heart yarn.

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    Buy Visor Beanie Hat Patterns

    If the free patterns listed above aren't quite what you had in mind, there are also more options for visor beanie patterns you can buy.

    • The "Johnny Reb" Crochet Cap with Bill: This detailed cap is a unisex design with lots of texture.
    • CrochetDad's Patterns on Etsy: Gene Saunders, AKA "CrochetDad," has designed several patterns for hats with brims. You can find them for sale in his Etsy shop.