Vintage Milton-Bradley Board Games Worth Knowing

The Beatles Flip Your Wig Board Game
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Hundreds of board games were made under the Milton-Bradley brand, including some of the most popular ever produced, such as Candyland, Operation, and The Game of Life. Most of those titles can be purchased quite reasonably today unless they are rare versions or, in some instances, they've never been opened for play.

Many collectors seek more obscure games or those difficult to find complete with all the pieces still in the original box, and they'll freely spend to get them. Keep an eye out for the following games when you're foraging garage sales and flea markets for a chance to earn a tidy profit.

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    Dark Tower

    Dark Tower Board Game
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    This Milton-Bradley role-playing game was released in 1981. What makes it different from other adventure-type games is the battery-powered electronic tower that serves as the centerpiece of the set.

    Because the towers tended to lose functionality with play, it is rather difficult to find one in good working order today. That, coupled with the fact that it was produced for a very limited time (due to accusations of intellectual property theft by the creators of a similar game), makes it one to watch for when you're shopping vintage.

    When in excellent condition with all pieces present and a tower in good working order, this game can sell for $200–$300.

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    Fireball Island

    Fireball Island Board Game
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    This Milton-Bradley game dating back to 1986 is another one collectors relish finding with all pieces together and in excellent condition. Part of the fun are "fireball" marbles that can be hurled at an opponent's game piece. Those marbles are one reason these games are hard to find complete and in good condition. Players could be a bit overzealous with the fireballs causing damage to other game pieces.

    If you locate one at an estate sale or thrift store, consider snatching it up. Fireball Island can easily sell in the $300–$400 range if in great condition.

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    HeroQuest Game
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    This fantasy role-playing game was introduced by Milton-Bradley in 1989 to appeal to fans of games akin to Dungeons and Dragons. In addition to the original game, subsequent sets such as the Barbarian Quest Pack and the Elf Quest Pack were also sold as expansions.

    While an original HeroQuest board game can sell in the $200 range when complete and in very good condition, the expansion packs can bring even more when sold through online auctions. Continued interest in this title among adventure game enthusiasts fuels bidding wars for these add-ons to a game that has remained popular for decades since it was introduced.

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    The Beatles Flip Your Wig

    The Beatles Flip Your Wig Board Game
    JR's Classic Collectibles / eBay

    In 1964, Milton-Bradley introduced The Beatles Flip Your Wig board game. Like other Fab Four memorabilia, Beatles fans seek these sets as well as board game collectors. When in really nice condition, they can sell for $100 or more.

    If that price point is out of reach for you, perhaps a Partridge Family game from 1971 at $10 to $20 would fit your budget. While there are several hard-to-find Milton-Bradley games worth a good sum, there are many others that are just as interesting that can be collected without breaking your piggy bank.

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    The Goonies

    The Goonies Board Game
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    Remember One-Eyed Willy's pirate treasure? You're likely a fan of The Goonies if you do. Maybe you even played The Goonies board game when you were a kid.

    With some luck, your mom saved that game set for you since 1985 when it was new. If so, you'll be pleased to learn that it could be worth more than $100 today. Of course, that's only if you played with it gingerly and stowed all the pieces back in the box after your adventure.

    In addition to this one, look for other board games (especially those dating back to the 1950s and 1960s) featuring movie and television themes. Old Milton-Bradley games based on shows such as Lost in Space, Outer Limits, and Batman all have fans willing to pay $75 to $150 to own them.

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    Which Witch?

    Which Witch? Board Game
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    This game hit the market in 1970 in a large box edition. Milton-Bradley followed up with a folding board set in 1971. Both had a multi-piece cardboard haunted house that had to be assembled before beginning the game, along with several other pieces essential to play.

    Finding a Which Witch game complete and in excellent condition can be a challenge, although they do come up for sale from time to time in the online auction marketplace. Complete large box versions can sell in the $75 to 125 range; smaller box versions usually sell for $45 to $65.

    No matter which vintage game you're buying, remember not to overpay for boxes in poor condition, even if all the parts are inside. On the other hand, if you find one of these games at a bargain price even with parts missing, or a box in less than stellar condition, consider buying it anyway. Sometimes people will pay a good amount just for missing pieces to complete a game they already own.