Video Game Inspired Cross Stitch Patterns



 Are you a gamer or do you have one close to you? So many people around the world are into video games. The new Pokemon Go game has once again shown us that video games can be taken to the next level. Whether you are old school or into the latest games, there is a cross stitch pattern that represents you. The sites below are just a small sampling of the free and for purchase game patterns for you to cross stitch. So many of these sites offer several patterns in one place. 

 Sprite Stitch is the perfect site for quick and easy video game patterns. Not only do they have free patterns, but they also have a forum so you can get your gaming fix on. Get your free patterns and cheat codes all in one place! They have challenges on their forum, and you can win prizes. These patterns are wonderful for quick and easy patterns. You could probably stitch one up in the time it takes your significant other to gather all the gold coins for Mario. 

Maybe you want to make your own cross stitch pattern from a video game. Make Magazine has a tutorial that shows you exactly how to execute the move. The old school video game characters are the best, Remember Dig Dug? Well, if you have the game, you can make a pattern! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to do, and the steps are easy to follow and understand. Once you get the idea down, you will be making all sorts of patterns for every game you love. This is a great tutorial or making other pixel projects. 

Keeping all of your gaming bits and pieces together can be time-consuming and daunting, plus, you want something stylish, not just the box it came in. Rosered on has the best tutorial for your Nintendo controller. She uses plastic canvas to create a box that is an actual controller. It is so clever and very stylish. Now you can display your controllers without worrying about the mess. This is not only great for your controllers, but you can make it hold other items around the house like phones and remotes. You can also use other colors than the ones shown.  

If you have a gamer in your life then you know getting them out of the house is a chore. They want to keep playing and finish the game. In the 80's it was all about staying in your mom's basement with a 2 liter of Jolt Cola. Not much has changed since then, instead of Jolt Cola you have Red Bull. For those of you who are hanging in the basement, why not spruce the place up with this sampler, Home is Where the Controller Is. You can find this pattern in many different places around the internet. One of the most detailed patterns is from Nerdpillo. They have other game-themed cross stitch patterns available for sale.

Whether it is you or your bestie that loves to play games, why not spice up your gaming area or room with some awesome cross stitch. From samplers to cases, there is a pattern for everyone out there. Most patterns are free online: gamers love to share the wealth! You can make a very simple pattern or go for something extreme; it is totally up to you. Please be aware that if you do use a free pattern to follow the copyright rules that the original poster has requested. Who knows, if you craft something up for your favorite gamer, you might get their extra bonus round!