How to Identify and Price Coin Grade VF-25

Lincoln Wheat Penny Graded Very Fine-25 (VF25)
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A circulated coin graded VF-25 will exhibit entire surfaces showing light signs of wear and softening of design elements. Major features are strong and clear. Some of the minor details blend into the design.


The exact descriptions of circulated grades vary widely from one coin issue to another, so the preceding commentary is only of a very general nature. It is essential to refer to the specific descriptions for a particular coin type when grading coins.

While numbers from 1 through 59 are continuous, it has been found practical to designate specific intermediate numbers to define grades, resulting in steps. Hence, this text uses the following descriptions and their numerical equivalents, as approved by the ANA Board of Governors.

While the preceding guidelines will undoubtedly prove useful to the reader, it is strongly advised that viewing actual coins in the marketplace will enable you to better determine grading practices affecting the series which interest you most. For example, the collector of Morgan silver dollars would do well to examine Morgans graded by a variety of services and sellers in order to determine in general what is considered to be MS-63, MS-64, MS-65, and higher grades.

Reproduced with permission from The Official American Numismatic Association Grading Standards for United States Coins, 6th edition, copyright 2005 Whitman Publishing, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Going Beyond the Grade

A coin that grades VF-25 falls in between the standard grades of VF-20 and VF-30. The details on a VF-25 coin are usually sharper than what is seen on a VF-20. This is usually distinguishable by the smaller details of the design being more identifiable than the VF-20 coin. In order for a coin to reach the next level of VF-30, the details must be significantly sharper and the eye appeal of the coin must be better.

For common coins, this nonstandard grade is usually not an issue. This only becomes significant when the price difference between a VF-20 and a VF-30 is large. For example, a 1799 large cent that grades VF-20 is usually priced around $26,000. If it grades VF-30 it usually has a price of around $49,000. This is a difference of $23,000. On the other hand, a 1915 Lincoln penny that grades VF-20 is priced at approximately $20 and a VF-30 is priced at approximately $25. This is only a difference of five dollars between the grades and is not significant for this type of coin.

Additionally, the type of metal that the coin is made from factors into how quickly the coin will show evidence of wear. Hard metal coins such as copper-nickel clad coins are the most durable coins and will take the longest time to wear down. Extremely soft metal, such as gold, will wear much quicker and show evidence of wear on the highest points of the coin much sooner.

Also Known As

Very Fine-25

Example Usage

Coins graded VF-25 have even wear over the entire surface of the coin.