How to Knit Vegas Arm Warmers

Vegas Armwarmer.

Sarah White

As the weather turns colder in autumn, it can be the little chills that really get to you. This is the perfect excuse to knit up a basic arm warmer, or if you prefer, a pair of fingerless gloves or gauntlets. They're ideal for a little extra warmth when hiding your fingers inside gloves or mittens simply will not do.

These punk-inspired arm warmers are extremely simple. They are knit flat and sewn up, so you can leave as much room as you need for your thumb. If you're a skilled knitter and separate your yarn, you can even work both gloves at once.

Wear your arm warmers outside in the chilly autumn air or in the office or stores while the air conditioners are still running. They also make a quick and fun gift and are something every woman will appreciate. 

Materials Needed

  • 1 skein Southwest Trading Company Vegas (which has been discontinued) or 54 to 75 yards of a medium-weight, wool-blend yarn with a touch of metallic
  • One pair size 8 US knitting needles
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle

Gauge and Size

  • Gauge: About 5 stitches and 6 rows per inch in stockinette stitch. Yarn varies in width, so the gauge will vary slightly.
  • Size: The finished arm warmer is 6 inches around and 6 inches long and will fit a teen or small woman. A larger size (indicated in parentheses) is 7 inches around and would fit the average sized to large woman.
    • The yarn will stretch to fit around the hand.
    • Measure your wrist to determine which size to make.


These arm warmers are very easy to knit and it is a great project for beginners. Even experienced knitters will enjoy this pattern and you might even be able to make a complete pair in just one or two evenings.

The pattern uses two basic knit stitches: stockinette stitch and seed stitch. The Seed Stitch is used at the top and bottom of each arm warmer to give it a nice ribbed border and prevent the fabric from curling. 

  1. Cast on 30 stitches (35 for larger size).
  2. Work 4 rows of seed stitch—knit 1, purl 1—ribbing.
  3. Knit in stockinette stitch—knit 1 row, purl 1 row—until the piece measures 5 1/2 inches from the beginning.
  4. Work 4 rows of knit 1, purl 1 ribbing—again, Seed Stitch.
  5. Bind off in pattern. Cut yarn, leaving a tail to sew with.
  6. Sew the ribbing together. Begin sewing up from the bottom, then complete a few rows at the top of your warmer until the hole left in between comfortably fits your thumb. Mattress stitch works great for a seamless finish. 
  7. Weave in the ends.

Make the second arm warmer using the same pattern.