Useful References to Help With Buying and Selling Collectibles

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Researching antiques and collectibles so you can determine their value often means utilizing a variety of resources to get the best result. Starting here on The Spruce Crafts site, there are many different places to begin whether you need general information on how to find values or more specific resources that will help you drill down to find the exact items you own. 

If you're new to the field, it's often best to start with some general guidance on how to best accomplish valuation research. These suggestions include tools you can utilize both on- and offline along with some rules to follow to make sure you don't overlook anything important.

As you hone your skills and learn more and more about antiques, you'll find yourself bookmarking sites online and going to your favorite books in your library again and again. Don't discount making contact with other collectors as well. Online groups and clubs that connect you with others who have vast knowledge can be a tremendous resource in addition to the following suggestions. 

Value-It-Yourself Tips & Resources

You don't have to be an expert on antiques and collectibles to research and value the items you own. With these tips and resources you can learn to do it yourself:

Online Price Guides

There is an abundance of information on valuing and prices for antiques and collectibles available. Here are a number located on our site showing color photos with pricing information whether sold at auction or through other venues:

Information on Valuing Specific Types of Collectibles

Use these articles to help you evaluate and value a number of specific types of antiques and collectibles:

Articles With Price Points

These articles not only offer pertinent information and tips for collecting a wide variety of interesting items but provide select values for the topics listed as well:

Books With Price Guides

Building a good reference library goes hand in hand with identifying and valuing antiques and collectibles. Take a look at these suggestions for reference book ideas that may be right for you: