Valentine's Days Crosswords, Word Searches and Puzzles

Play Online or Print and Solve These Great Games

Illustration of Valentine's Day crossword

Illustration: The Spruce / Chelsea Damraksa

These online and printable word games are an excellent way for kids to practice their spelling and learn new vocabulary for Valentine's Day. Though most of these puzzles are fairly easy, some of them can be quite daunting, making them suitable for adults.


There are many other web sites containing Valentine-themed puzzles and games, but we have avoided recommending any that require you to install additional plug-ins or browser extensions, which often function to serve you unwanted ads or make other unwanted changes to your operating system. We have also avoided any sites that trigger alarms about information security.

Games to Play Online

These games are played online, and require no additional extensions or plug-ins:

  • Valentine' Day Word Search: From ABCYa, this easy word search game allows you to set a difficulty level from pre-K to grade 6-plus, then asks kids to find 10 words (small game) or 15 words (big game) from a grid of letters. Players must wait for ads to play before each game, but there is also a paid ads-free version.
  • Valentine's Day Puzzle: Also from ABCYa, this is a shape-matching game for young children, in which they drag chocolate candies back to a gift box, matching the shape of the candies with the openings in the box. Here, too, players must wait for ads to play, or sign up for the paid, ads-free version.
  • Valentine: From The Word Search, this Valentine's-themed puzzle can be played online, or printed as a PDF page. It is refreshingly free of ads and is easy to play yet challenging enough for adults or older children.

Printable Search Puzzles

For classroom solving, we suggest a variety of free printable Valentine word search puzzles listed by difficulty level from very easy to challenging.

Printable Crosswords

Solving crossword puzzles is a great way for children to develop vocabulary skills and have fun, too. These easy to challenging crossword games for kids use themed entries related to the St. Valentine's Day celebration.

  • Valentine's Day Picture Crossword: At DLTK for Kids, you'll find an easy Valentine picture crossword for young puzzlers. The picture version of the crossword is a good choice for preschoolers or primary level students who are just learning how to read. Older children can use the verbal clues given in the regular crossword game to solve the puzzle. Available in black and white or color.
  • Valentine's Day Crossword: An easy crossword game featuring ten themed entries. Solution provided.

Online Crossword Puzzles

These themed crossword games are for playing on the computer. They can be fairly difficult, making them more appropriate for older children, adults and second language learners:

Jigsaw Puzzle

Hearts, cupids and other symbols of Valentine's Day are featured in this free online jigsaw puzzle game:

  • Valentine Jigsaw Puzzle: From PrimaryGames, a leading source of educational online games, this is a 20-piece classic jigsaw puzzle.

Hidden Picture Puzzle Games

Play these hidden picture games on your computer, or print them to solve on paper.

  • Valentine’s Day Hidden Pictures Activity Pages: This collection of 11 simple drawings calls for finding a variety of shapes within the illustrations. The drawings can also serve for crayon or colored-pencil exercises.
  • Valentine Bear: For younger children, this hidden-object puzzle from Highlights for Kids asks you to find 12 objects within an illustration of two bears courting.

Other Great Valentine's Day Games

Here are some other memory games, word ladders, cryptograms and other easy puzzle games with a Valentine's Day theme.

  • Valentine Riddles: In this printable puzzle, each letter of the alphabet has been given a number. Use the answer key to find the answer to the riddles.
  • Squigly's Secret Code: Each letter has a corresponding symbol. Substitute the letter for the symbol to decipher the secret message.
  • Squigly's Secret Message: Solve the clue and enter the answer in the corresponding line. Once you've finished, read down the first letter of each word to reveal the secret message.