Free Love Letter Valentine Cross-Stitch Pattern

Kawaii Love Letter Valentine's Cross Stitch
Mollie Johanson

Show your love for someone special by stitching them a happy little love letter! This free Valentine's Day cross-stitch pattern is easy for cross stitchers of any level and a fun way to say you care.

The envelope has a cute smiling face and contains a note, while also showing off the design inside the flap. And then, just in case it wasn't obvious that the letter is filled with love, a little speech-bubble tells the message in the form of a happy heart.

Because this pattern has a few solid sections, it's fairly simple to keep track of where you are. That means you won't have to focus on following the chart as much as you would on very detailed designs. But the pattern also has a few sections of design elements that keep it interesting and fun to stitch.

Pull out your Aida cloth and embroidery floss and get ready to stitch a little love!

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    Love Letter Cross-Stitch Pattern

    Smiling Valentine Envelope Cross Stitch Pattern
    Mollie Johanson


    Work from the pattern on your screen or download the JPG pattern to print out or save to your device for handy reference.

    Project Level

    Easy: This pattern uses only whole stitches with a few back stitches and french knots

    Embroidery Floss

    Recommended Colors: DMC blanc, 310, 754, 352, 347, 964, and 959. 

    You can substitute different colors or use another brand by working with conversion charts

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    Stitching the Love Letter Chart

    Happy Love Letter Cross Stitch Chart
    Mollie Johanson

    For this sample, we used white 16-count Aida and worked with two strands of embroidery floss throughout the entire pattern. 

    To keep it simple when starting each new thread, fold a single strand of embroidery floss in half and thread the two cut ends through the eye of your cross-stitch needle. Make the first half of a cross stitch, leaving the folded end on the back of your work. Slip the needle through the loop and tighten to lock the thread in place.

    Now you can continue your stitching without a starting knot or worrying about working over the tail. When you finish a length of thread, secure the end by going through the back of previously worked stitches.

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    Finishing the Happy Heart Details

    Happy Heart in a Speech Bubble Cross Stitch
    Mollie Johanson

    Although the bulk of this design uses basic whole cross stitches, the happy heart has a few other stitch details. To make the mouth, stitch with two strands and use back stitch. Form the eyes with a French knot. If you'd rather avoid this stitch, you can replace the eyes with small seed beads. Of course, you can also omit the face altogether.

    Want to use this pattern in other ways? You can just stitch the speech bubble on its own to make a little pin or as a piece to attach to the front of a card! Similarly, you could cross stitch only the envelope.

    Want to customize your love letter? Replace the word "LOVE" on the note with another short word or message using one of several alphabet pattern options

    All that's left for you to do is frame your stitching and gift it to someone you love!