Origami Tools - Useful Stuff for Origami Folding

You don't need any tools for most origami models, just the paper, and your hands. That being said, there are numerous models that can benefit from some extra help in the form of tools. The following origami accessories are a great start for your toolkit, and they can help you with precision, sharpness, and accuracy.

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    'Bone' Folders

    Bone folder
    Kate Elliott

    Traditionally made of bone, these smooth tools are now created out of plastic or wood. They're used to make paper folds more crisp. Also, if you're folding a large number of modules or folding many models to sell, these bone folders stop your hands from going numb and getting blisters from all the pressing.

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    High Angle View of Colorful Rulers
    Deborah Williamson / EyeEm / Getty Images

    A ruler useful if you are cutting your own paper to size or folding a lot of layers, or if you have thick paper or card, you can use them to fold along, to keep the folds precise.

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    Chopsticks on Slate
    Raul Garcia Herrera / EyeEm / Getty Images

    Yes, chopsticks! You can use these like bone folders, or even better, to curl the petals of origami flowers, creating rolled up stems, and round out ears of animals.

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    Small Sharp Scissors

    Eric Friedericks

    There are many traditional origami models that require a few cuts. A nice pair of small sharp scissors will make those that do need them neater. Alternately, you can choose to use an exacto for making precise cuts.

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    Harri Haataja

    Especially if you're making miniature origami models or making origami roses, a few good pairs of tweezers are a great help. You can also use a toothpick to help push out smaller corners and folds.

While these tools aren't a must, they can help with the basics for origami and are especially useful if you also enjoy other paper crafts.

Fun Fact

Known as the grandmaster of origami, Akira Yoshizawa believed the process of creating is just as important as the results. His mantra was, "When your hands are busy, your heart is serene."