Furniture and Accessories for Rustic Fairy Gardens

Fairy theme garden

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Rustic-style fairy gardens call for a particular style in furniture and accessories. Rustic furniture made with tree branches is extremely popular for full-scale garden decor, and you can achieve the same look for your fairy gardens with these cute and clever projects that use tiny twigs and other natural materials, such as grasses and acorns. 

The projects will integrate nicely with just about any fairy garden you make, as the rustic garden style is made for this miniature art form. 

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    Acorn Tea or Coffee Set

    Scale miniature acorn teapot, teacup and wine goblet for a woodland scene.

    Lesley Shepherd

    Ordinary acorns picked off the ground were used to create this miniature tea/coffee set.  Other small nuts, such as hazelnuts, could also be used. 

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    Make a Miniature Reading Chair from Walnut Shells

    Miniature mouse in his reading chair with a reading lamp on the table beside him.

    Lesley Shepherd

    It isn't twig furniture, but it does look cute in a fairy garden. This reading chair made from walnut shells can be "upholstered" with a range of fabrics, or planted with moss for a natural seat effect in a miniature garden.

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    Make a Rustic Adirondack Table

    Doll's House Scale Rustic Adirondack Table

    Lesley Shepherd

    The rustic twig table shown here is made in dolls house (1:12 scale) and is a great project for a fairy garden. If you have access to hazelnuts (filberts) or acorns, you can make an acorn tea or coffee set, or some wine glasses to set on your tiny table. The table is made from twigs, with a top of craft wood covered with dried grass stems.

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    Miniature Arbor

    Quarter scale garden arbor set in a miniature garden scene in a tea cup.

    Lesley Shepherd

    This miniature arbor will work in any style fairy garden. In rustic scenes, it adds a civilized touch that contrasts nicely. For a more homey effect, it could be made with burlap rather than needlepoint fabric. 

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    Fairy Garden Gazing Ball

    Miniature garden gazing globe in dolls house scale with a beaded base

    Lesley Shepherd

    Gazing balls might not seem like an expected accessory for a rustic fairy garden, but these ornaments date back to the late middle ages and thus are completely suited for the medieval feel found in many fairy gardens.