Use the Back of Handmade Cards for More Design Opportunities

Stamp and Add Decoration to the Back of Handmade Cards

Handmade Card Blanks
Kate Pullen

Don't forget the back when you are making handmade cards. The back of handmade cards is often overlooked in the design process, however whether you are making cards to sell or cards to give to friends and family, the back of the card offers another opportunity for decoration and also providing space to let people know a little more about you and the card.

The decoration of the back of greeting cards can be simply decorative or it can be a good way to promote yourself as a card maker.

Decorating the Back of Handmade Cards

Here are some ideas for decorating the back of greeting cards:

  • Include a date and inspiration: Many people keep cards and a nice addition to a card is the date that you made, the occasion and perhaps a little about the inspiration for the card.
  • Stamp and graphics credits: Depending on the terms and conditions (angel policy) of the stamp company you are using, you may need to give credit for the stamp design on the back of your card.
  • Include your details: This is one of the most important pieces of information to include on a greeting card if you are making them to sell. Even if you do not sell your handmade cards you may welcome the opportunity to make cards for family and friends. An email address will, at the very least, allow someone to contact you to discuss further orders. If you have a website then the address should be clearly shown.
  • Following the design: Why not follow the design from the front of the card over to the back. This can present some interesting design opportunities. Perhaps an all-over design would work well or just include one or two features from the design on the front to reflect an overall theme. In this case, it is best to make the card and complete the design before folding the page.
  • Logo: If you have a logo then don't forget to add this to the back of the card. Logos needn't just be for business. Many personal stampers use an image to help create their own unique identity. A rubber stamp would be perfect for this and would help to emphasize the handmade nature of your cards.
  • Personal message: Keep the card personal by adding a special message. Write a few lines about what inspired you to create that design or why you used those particular stamps.
  • Keeping it simple: You don't have to have complex designs on the back of cards. A simple rubber-stamped image can look very elegant.
  • Sign the back: Don't forget to sign the back of your handmade cards. This gives both a professional and personal touch to your card and, if you are selling cards, adds to the perceived value.
  • Limited editions: If you make a limited number of a certain design of your cards, why not number them on the back in the same way as an artist numbers their limited editions. This helps to demonstrate the handcrafted nature of your cards.

Tips for Adding Design to the Back of Handmade Cards

  • Open the card and look at it from the back and imagine other ways of displaying the card - this may inspire new design ideas.
  • Identify what the key reasons are for adding decoration to the back of a card. If it is to promote your cards and your business make sure that your logo and details are clearly displayed.
  • Remember to let the front of the card dry thoroughly or open the card flat when decorating the back to avoid smudging the front.