How to Use Printable Borders or Frames

Use to Make Handmade Cards, Scrapbook Pages and More

Flower Frame with Rubber Stamped Image (Stamp: Penny Black)
Flower Frame with Rubber Stamped Image (Stamp: Penny Black). Kate Pullen

Add a border or frame to a project to give it a professional looking finishing touch. A border or frame helps to complete a project while also showcasing the central image. There are many ways to add a frame or border to a project. Rubber stamps with frame and border images are a popular way to add frames to a project. Another easy way to add a frame is to simply draw a basic border using a pen and ruler. If, however, you are looking for something a little more fancy, and you don't have a border or frame rubber stamp to hand, then a printable border could be just the thing.

What Are Printable Frames and Borders?

Decorative borders and frames are often offered for download and printing. Borders are available as black and white outlines which can be colored or left plain, or as full-colored borders that require little in the way of further creative input. Borders and frames are available as a set size, for instance to fit a standard card blank, or in digital files that can be resized and manipulated. Digital files that can be resized are often in high resolution formats and this gives the user the maximum amount of flexibility as images can be significantly enlarged as well as reduced in size.

How are Printable Frames and Borders Used?

There are no hard and fast rules saying how printable frames and borders should be used. While a border would typically surround a central image or sentiment, you could also reduce the border to make an embellishment for a card handmade card. You have the option of printing the border directly onto a piece of card to make a greeting card or print onto paper and attach this to the card. Borders will help to show off the central image. Therefore they are ideal to use with a simple stamped image.

Finding Printable Borders and Frames

Many digital stamp and digital image companies have a range of printable borders and frames. Digital crafting stores, digital scrapbooking stores and stores specializing in digital elements for download are also worth checking out for printable borders and frames. You will also find some free printable frames and borders here that you can add to your projects. This is a good way to practice using borders and frames and trying different approaches before moving on to investing in a border or frame.


  • Print the border onto scrap paper first and position the stamp in different ways to see what works best
  • If the border has an option for adding color, co-ordinate the color used in the border with the color used in the stamped image to create a unified design
  • Add a digital stamp or sentiment to the border (look for PNG files which have transparent backgrounds and can therefore be positioned close to the border if required)
  • When adding a printed border to a handmade card, ink or color the edges of the paper to give the project a more 'finished' look