U.S. Type Set Collecting Variations

Creating Your Own Personal Type Set of US Coins

A Type Set of United States Nickels. Image Copyright: © 2015 James Bucki; All rights reserved.

Assembling a type set of United States coins can be an overwhelming task to the beginning coin collector. But, if you start slowly with sets that you can afford, you will be able to assemble a beautiful type set of United States coins. Additionally, as your coin collecting experience advances and/or your coin collecting budget increases, you will be able to build on the following sets that will keep your type set coin collecting journey going for a long time. Listed below are three ways to help you start building your first type set.

20th Century Type Set

A type set of 20th century (1900-1999) United States coins is in easy set for beginners to start with. This will eliminate some early dates that may be cost prohibitive. Additionally, if your budget prohibits you from purchasing gold coins, you can concentrate only on the copper, silver and clad coins in the checklist below. An intermediate coin collector may want to assemble a set that includes all major types and subtypes of United States coins. The beginning collector should start with assembling a set that includes only the major types of United States coins.

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1800 To Present Type Set

An intermediate coin collector looking to advance their type set to the next level can start by collecting coins minted in 1800 or after. Although there may be some challenging coins to obtain, none of them will be ultra-rare coins. By eliminating the coins minted from 1793 until 1799, most of the coins in this set will be obtainable by a coin collector with a modest budget. If you feel you are advanced enough you may want to try to assemble a complete collection of United States type coins.

  • 1800 to Present Day Type Set Checklist including All Major Types and Subtypes

Customizing Your Type Set Collection

Regardless of your level of expertise, interest or budget, you can take anyone of these checklists and modify them to suit your own personal taste. For example, a person looking to enjoy coin collecting and create an investment portfolio may want to assemble a type set of gold coins. Conversely, a beginning collector with an extremely limited budget may want to assemble a type set of just copper coins. Use any one of the checklists provided to guide you on your type set collecting journey. The possibilities are endless.

Organizing and Housing Your Collection

There are some published coin folders and albums that focus on United States type set collections. Beginning collectors may want to use one of these albums or folders to guide them as they start building their first type set collection. Intermediate and advanced collectors may want to use coin holders such as 2 x 2 cardboard holders or coin flips. You can then organize your collection into three ring binder pages in order to accommodate your type set collecting strategy.

Advanced collectors purchasing coins with significant value will want to have their coins professionally authenticated and graded by a third party grading service. This will ensure the coins that you have purchased are genuine and are held in a durable plastic holder.