U.S. Coin Values Guide

Curious how much your old coins are worth? Learn the numismatic values of standard and unique coins in the United States.
Uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollar
How Much Is Your 1891 Morgan Silver Dollar Worth?
The Top 15 Most Valuable Quarters
Jefferson war nickel minted between 1942 and 1945.
How to Find Valuable War Nickels
1952 Lincoln wheat pennies
How Much Is a 1952 Wheat Penny Worth?
2017 Effigy Mounds America the Beautiful Quarter
The Effigy Mounds Quarter Value and Prices
1970 S Washington quarter struck on a 1941 Canadian quarter
How Much Is a 1970 Quarter Worth?
1957-D Lincoln Penny in uncirculated condition
Learn How Much a 1957-D Wheat Penny Is Worth
Illustration of bicentennial quarters
What You Need to Know About Bicentennial Quarters
The Top 15 Most Valuable Silver Dollars
The Top 15 Most Valuable Silver Dollars
five of the most valuable United States half dollars
The Top 15 Most Valuable Half Dollars
2016 United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Sets
How Much Is My U.S. Mint Set Worth?
Sacagawea and Native American one dollar coins
Find out How Much Your Sacajawea or Native American Dollar Is Worth
A 1979 Lincoln Memorial Penny
How Much Is My Lincoln Memorial Penny Worth?
1927-S Standing Liberty quarter with the front and back.
This Is How Much Your Standing Liberty Quarter Is Worth
Liberty Head Nickel "V" Nickel 1901 uncirculated
How Much Is My Liberty Head "V" Nickel Worth?
Washington Quarter Clad Examples
How Much is My Clad Washington Quarter (1965-1998) Worth?
One US dollar coin
How Much Is My Presidential Dollar Worth?
Morgan Silver Dollar
How Much Is a Morgan Silver Dollar Worth?
illustration of coin set
How Much Is My U.S. Proof Set Worth?
Various Indian head pennies
Do I Have a Valuable Indian Head Penny?
Buffalo or Indian Head Nickel
What Is the Value of a Buffalo (Indian Head) Nickel?
Eisenhower dollar on white background
How Much Is My Eisenhower Dollar Worth?
Illustration of Kennedy dollars
How Much Is My Kennedy Half Dollar Worth?
How Much Is My Mercury or Winged Liberty Head Dime Worth?
Jefferson Nickels
How Much Is My Jefferson Nickel Worth?
Wheat penny back and front on white
Find Out How Much Is Your Lincoln Wheat Penny Worth
1916 Standing Liberty Quarter close-up with Liberty's right breast exposed
What You Should Know About the Topless Standing Liberty Quarter
Illustration of coins and jewelry
How Much Is My Silver Roosevelt Dime (1946-1964) Worth?
United States Franklin half dollars.
How Much Is My Franklin Half Dollar (1948-1963) Worth?
Illustration of pennies and a magnifying glass
Find Out How Much Your Old Pennies Are Worth
Washington Silver Quarters
How Much Is My Silver Washington Quarter Worth?
How Much Is My Walking Liberty Half Dollar Worth?
1943 Steel Lincoln Penny
Can You Guess How Much a 1943 Penny Is Worth?
A Buffalo Nickel (Indian Head Nickel) With The Date Worn off
How Much Is a Buffalo Nickel With No Date Worth?
United States Roosevelt dime 2018
How Much Is My Roosevelt Clad Dime (1965 to Date) Worth?
1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent
Do You Have a Valuable Lincoln Wheat Penny?
2014 Uncirculated Jefferson Nickel
Find out How Much Your Modern Jefferson Nickel Is Worth
1972 Lincoln Memorial Penny Doubled Die Obverse Variety
Do You Have a Valuable Lincoln Memorial Penny?
1928 Peace Dollar
This Is How Much My Peace Silver Dollar (1921-1935) Is Worth
Diagnostics for a Genuine 1943 Copper Penny
Is Your 1943 Copper Penny Real or Fake?
Photograph of a roll of nickels
Secret Insider Tips to Get Rolled Coins From Banks
Front and back of Kennedy half-dollars.
Find out How Many Kennedy Half-Dollars They Made
Closeup of 'E Pluribus Unum' on an Eisenhower Silver Dollar
What Does 'E Pluribus Unum' Mean?
USA One Dollar Morgan Silver Coin
Know the Detailed Specification for Morgan Silver Dollars
Illustration of 2009 Lincoln pennies
See the 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial Pennies
close-up of the 2014 Civil Rights Act of 1964 commemorative proof silver dollar
How Much Are My Modern Commemorative Silver Dollars Worth?
Circulated Silver Coins
How Much Is the Silver Worth in My Coins?
Gold coins
Which Gold Coins Should You Invest In?
1892 Barber half dollar
How Much Is My Barber Half Dollar Worth?
1969-S Doubled Die Lincoln Penny
$126,500 Penny Found in a Roll of Pennies
Close-up of the reverse of a Washington quarter
Learn to Identify Valuable and Rare Washington Quarters
Close up of stacks of pennies
How to Tell If Your Penny is Copper or Zinc
Illustration of Cheerios dollar differences
Why Is This Sacajawea Dollar Worth Thousands of Dollars?
Close-up of a stack of American coins
Can You Buy Coins Directly from the U.S. Mint?
various fifty State quarters
What are State Quarters Worth Now?
blank one dollar coins
Are Blank Coins Worth a Lot of Money?
penny, nickel, dime, and Quarter and currently circulating United States coinage
Why Are There Only Dead Presidents on Our Coins?
various examples of United States Washington quarters
Your Guide to Collecting Washington Quarters
1890-CC Morgan Silver Dollar Illustrating the Tail Bar Die Gouge VAM-4 [4 III2 3 C3d (Far Date, Tailbar Die gouge) (178) I-5 R-5]
Discover VAM's on Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars
1943-D Lincoln Cent Made out of Zinc Plated Steel
How Rare Is a 1943 Lincoln Steel Penny?