How to Repurpose Old Picture Frames

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    Make a Layered Collage

    Upcycled Picture Frames. Makely Home

    Picture frames are one of the most versatile dollar store or yard sale finds because they can be used for so many things, some of which have nothing to do with family photos or artwork. You won't believe all of the ways you can upcycle or repurpose a simple picture frame! First up, create an instant art installation by layering empty frames on top of one another.

    Empty Frame Gallery Wall from Makely Home

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    Countertop Tablet and Phone Charging Station

    Picture Frame Charging Station. The DIY Mommy

    This genius upcycle re-imagines a picture frame as a spot to hold and charge tablets and cell phones.  

    Picture Frame Charging Station from The DIY Mommy

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    Picture Frame Centerpiece

    Picture Frame Centerpiece. Lemon Tree Creations

    Older picture frames that often have beveled sides work best for crafting a centerpiece for your table.  Layer pretty vases on top, or use it as a serving tray.

    Picture Frame Centerpiece from Lemon Tree Creations

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    Picture Frame Jewelry Holder

    Picture Frame Jewelry Holder. Design Gal & Her Handyman

    Make your jewelry a work of art by organizing and hanging it in a picture frame.

    Picture Frame Jewelry Holder from Design Gal & Her Handyman

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    DIY Advent Calendar

    DIY Advent Calendar. Home Made Modern

    An empty picture frame I found at a flea market inspired me to make this advent calendar.  All I needed was picture wire, little note cards, and mini clothespins.

    DIY Advent Calendar from Home Made Modern

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    DIY Dry Erase Board

    DIY Dry Erase Board. Home Made Modern

    Do you have a picture you don't love anymore, but the frame and glass are still in great condition?  Just replace the artwork with some decorative paper or fabric for a customized dry erase board.

    DIY Dry Erase Board from Home Made Modern 

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    Framed Photo Collage

    Framed Photo Collage. We Are That Family

    What are you supposed to do with those random snapshots that people give you or the ones that somehow make it off of your digital camera or phone?  Collect and display them in one big empty frame, that's what!  You could also use this project for holiday cards, black and white family photos, school pictures, or as a visual prayer list.

    Framed Photo Collage from We Are That Family

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    Picture Frame Key Holder

    Picture Frame Key Holder.

    You could frame a skeleton key on a scrap of burlap and call it a day, but adding key hooks to the bottom of this frame makes it more useful.

    Source: unknown 

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    Updated Accent Furniture

    Frames as Molding. While They Snooze

    Make accent furniture look way more expensive by adding picture frame molding out of...what else?  Picture frames!

    Updated File Cabinets from While They Snooze

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    Sunglasses Storage

    Storage for Sunglasses. Everything Fabulous

    This clever project utilizes a picture frame to store sunglasses, preventing lost pairs and scratched lenses. 

    Sunglasses Storage from Everything Fabulous

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    Framed Hanging Planter

    Framed Hanging Planter. Organized Clutter

    Give new meaning to the idea of living art by framing a hanging pot of flowers using a shabby-chic thrift frame.

    Framed Hanging Planter by Organized Clutter

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    Picture Frame Tray

    Picture Frame Tray with Handles. A Thoughtful Place

    Turn a sturdy picture frame into a serving tray by adding handles. Insert decorative fabric or paper under the glass, or paint foam board with chalkboard paint.

    Picture Frame Tray from A Thoughtful Place