10 Unique Ways to Decoupage a Dresser

Do you have an old dresser that has seen better days? Don't throw it out or give it to Goodwill. Refurbish it into a beautiful piece of furniture you will be proud to display in your home.

With a little bit of paint, decoupage medium, paper cutouts and elbow grease, a dresser that is ready for the garbage pile can be transformed into a beauty for just pennies. Recycling furniture instead of buying new is also good for the environment and your pocketbook.

Get some inspiration from the following decoupage dresser projects and learn how to turn trash into treasure with paper, fabric, and Mod Podge.

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    Blue Succulent Photo Print Decoupaged Dresser

    succulent printed dresser
    Mod Podge Rocks

    This project features a recrafted dresser that is decoupaged with a photo of succulents. This photo was printed as a blueprint and glued to the dresser front with decoupage medium. The results are stunning and on trend.

    Furniture Restyle: Photo Decoupage Dresser from A Beautiful Mess

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    Blonde Bombshell Decoupaged Dresser

    Marilyn Monroe Decoupage Dresser
    Three Velvet Glove

    If you are a fan of Marilyn Monroe, classic movie star and an icon, why not immortalize her by decoupaging one of her posters onto a dresser. Not a Marilyn fan? This craft technique could work just as well for those who love Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, athletes, musicians, and more. You are only limited by your imagination.

    Blonde Bombshell Decoupaged Dresser from Thee Velvet Glove

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    Ikea Rast Hack

    elephant decoupage dresser

    People like to hack Ikea furniture. It is so popular that there are many websites devoted to the art form full of information and inspiration.

    Transform an Ikea dresser with black paint and an unexpected photograph of a mama elephant and her baby. This plain jane set of drawers metamorphoses into a stunning statement item. No one will ever guess the humble origins of this furniture piece.

    Another Ikea Rast Hack from Bricolage108

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    DIY Tapestry Dresser

    tapestry decoupaged dresser
    Tanner Bell

    Many people think that decoupage is only for paper cutouts. It is possible to decoupage fabric onto furniture, and this boho style dresser proves it. It is covered with a black and white tapestry style fabric and looks as if it has been decorated with handpainted artwork. Couldn't you just see this in a college dorm room? So pretty and unique!

    DIY Tapestry Dresser from Hometalk

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    Gustav Klimt Poster Dresser Decoupage

    gustav klimt poster decoupage
    Somewhat Quirky Design

    If you are a romantic type of person, try decoupaging an old dresser with a copy of Gustav Klimt's painting "The Kiss." The painting is the most famous work that Gustav Klimt designed, and was painted somewhere between 1907 and 1908. This period was considered the high point of Gustavs "Golden Period," when he painted many works in this gilded style.  The art is as beautiful to eye today as it was in the previous century, proving that good art stands the test of time.

    Decoupaging Letters Tips and Tricks from Somewhat Quirky Design

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    Decoupaged Boys Dresser Using a Coloring Book

    coloring book decoupaged dresser
    Ileen Stephens

    Put your kid's coloring pages to good use, by decoupaging a dresser with their art. You and your children will love the colorful pages and will smile every time you look at it. Decoupaging with coloring pages is an excellent way to recycle an old piece of furniture that has seen better days, into a favorite personalized piece of furniture.

    Decoupaged Boys Dresser Using a Coloring Book from Hometalk

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    Floral Inspired Decoupaged Image Transfer Dresser

    floral decoupaged dresser

    If you love flowers and traditional art, this dresser is for you. The outside shell of the chest is painted sage green, and the drawers are decoupaged with traditional style botanical prints. You will be reminded of an English garden when you enter your bedroom and look at this piece of furniture. The floral dresser will promote a feeling of peace and tranquility in your bedroom, bringing the outdoors in.

    Floral Inspired Decoupaged Image Transfer Dresser from Hometalk

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    Decoupage Jewelry Chest Tutorial

    rose decoupage dresser
    Simply Fresh Arts

    Smaller chests of drawers such as jewelry chests can be decorated with decoupage cutouts also. Change an ordinary jewelry box chest into a stylish container with a rose print and sheet music. Add some unique hardware, and your jewelry chest is now a one of a kind beauty.

    Decoupage Tutorial from Simply Fresh Arts

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    Decal Decoupaged Cupboard

    decal decoupaged cupboard
    Kathrine Connery

    This decoupage project has a surprise twist. What rule says you must always decoupage a dresser or furniture closet on the outside? This cutie is painted turquoise on the outside, and bright yellow on the inside. Black floral decals adorn the sunshine yellow interior and look so charming. You don't even have to use glue for this project. Decal stickers come printed on pre-glued clear vinyl. All you have to do is peel and stick. Anyone can get fabulous results with this method.

    No Skeleton's in This Closet from Hometalk

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    Empire Dresser Makeover Using Fabric

    black paisley decoupaged dresser
    My Passion for Decor

    Add some paisley drama to your next dresser decoupage project. Paint the top shiny black, the sides and front rail brilliant white, and then decoupage the drawers with bright paisley and black fabric. Your dresser will make a beautiful statement wherever you choose to display it in your home. So much style without much hassle.

    Empire Dresser Makeover Using Fabric from My Passion for Decor