10 Pairs of Beautiful, Fun & Unique Embroidery Scissors

Every embroiderer needs a good pair of embroidery scissors. Any scissors that cut well will do, but those that are designed for the job are so much better. Similarly, plain embroidery scissors will work just fine, but why settle for the basics when you can have a cutting tool that really stands out?

There are probably hundreds of choices when it comes to embroidery scissors, and Etsy is an excellent place to see some of your options. Many embroidery specialty stores, both locally or online, will...MORE carry a good selection too. For example, Sajou has both fun and sophisticated styles to choose from

The ten scissors below will give you just a taste of what's out there. And they range from classic to whimsical. Not every pair will provide the best cutting experience possible, but sometimes it's fun to have cute scissors around too!

You may even find that one pair of of pretty, adorable or unique scissors just isn't enough. After all, you may need a pair to keep with each embroidery project in progress. In that moment, an embroidery scissors collection is born!

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    Classic Stork Scissors by Gingher
    Purl Soho

    When you think of embroidery scissors, there's a good chance that you think of stork scissors. These classics are made by Gingher, known for high-quality cutting tools, and sold by Purl Soho, though you will find them other places as well. They even come with a leather sheath to protect them while in storage. 

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    Scissors from Sublime Stitching

    Embroidery Scissors Assortment
    Sublime Stitching

    Sublime Stitching is the place to go for modern embroidery, and they carry a selection of beautiful scissors. Many of them have a contemporary twist on a classic design. They also carry tool cases to keep your basic tools on the go, and you can buy one with the scissors included!

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    Vintage-Style Embroidery Scissors
    Missouri Star Quilt Co.

    These embroidery scissors have large, vintage-styled handles with short blades, which really makes them stand out. They are made by Dritz and available from Missouri Star Quilt Co., but also quite likely at local sewing stores.

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    Owl Scissors

    Owl Embroidery Scissors
    While She Naps

    If you like birds, but want something a little different than the classic stork, how about an adorable owl? These whimsical embroidery scissors are available from While She Naps, and look well worth the price.

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    Embroidery Scissors with Pewter Chatelaine
    Nordic Needle

    If you're always looking for your embroidery scissors, this one is for you. Along with the scissors, Nordic Needle has chatelaines in several styles. If you're not familiar, chatelaines were the way that Elizabethan and Victorian stitchers carried their tools with them. And this one perfectly, and beautifully holds your scissors!

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    Putford Mini Scissors
    Purl Soho

    Putford scissors have tiny blades and large round handles, giving them an almost comical look. But that also makes them so cute! Not to mention, these tiny scissors will still be easy to get your fingers in the handles. They come in a variety of colors, but this neon pair is a Purl Soho exclusive.

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    Tiny Embroidery Scissors
    Shiny Happy World

    These tiny embroidery scissors consistently do the job, despite their tiny size. They also boast that they fit inside a mint tin and are completely TSA approved, so you'll be prepared to embroider on your next plane trip. The pink leather sheath is pretty great too. Find them (and other fun stitching items!) at Shiny Happy World.

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    Magical Unicorn Scissors

    Unicorn Scissors
    Kawaii Goodies

    Want to add some magic to your stitching? Unicorn embroidery scissors, available from Kawaii Goodies, will give you a great start! The design is brilliant, as the blades of the scissors form the horn of the unicorn. Plus, who can resist having a frolicking mythical creature as they work?

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    Marbleized Scissors

    DMC has just about everything embroidery that you'll ever need, and scissors are no exception. They make a few styles, but you'll love the colorful handles on this otherwise simple pair of scissors. Look for these and their other tools in your local shop or through their online store.

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    #31 Handmade Embroidery Scissors
    The French Needle

    If you want to splurge, take a look at these exquisite handmade embroidery scissors that The French Needle stocks. Each pair comes in a handmade wooden box too. They have more styles to choose from, but each one will run you upwards of $500!

If you have any trouble finding these scissors from the retailers listed, try asking them if they'll be restocking, or do a web search to see if others might carry them. Beyond these, there are many vintage embroidery scissors available if you're willing to give them a little tender loving care!