9 Pairs of Unique Embroidery Scissors

Unique embroidery scissors

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Every embroiderer cherishes their embroidery scissors—designed specifically for the job. And while any scissors will do, why settle for the basics when you can have a cutting tool that makes you happy each time you break out your basket? There are hundreds of choices when it comes to embroidery scissors. Specialty stores and online boutiques like Etsy stock fun, decorative styles that are perfect for everyday use or to add to your collection. From classic to whimsical, the choices are endless. Choose one for each project, or stockpile a few for special gifts.

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    Stork Scissors

    Classic Stork Scissors by Gingher
    Purl Soho

    When you think of classic embroidery scissors, there's a good chance you picture a stork. These cute stork scissors are made by Gingher, a company known for high-quality cutting tools. Sold here by Purl Soho, they even come with a leather sheath to protect them while in storage. 

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    Whimsical Scissors

    Embroidery Scissors Assortment
    Sublime Stitching

    Sublime Stitching is a modern embroiderer's place to shop, as they carry a selection of beautiful scissors. Many of Sublime's tools are a contemporary twist to a classic design. They also carry cases to keep your embroidery supplies together while on the go—buy one with the scissors included!

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    Vintage-Style Embroidery Scissors

    Vintage-Style Embroidery Scissors
    Missouri Star Quilt Co.

    Dritz's embroidery scissors have large, vintage-styled handles with short blades, making them both sophisticated and easy to use for those with arthritis. Purchase them online from Missouri Star Quilt Company or pick up a pair at your local sewing store.

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    Owl Scissors

    Owl Embroidery Scissors
    While She Naps

    If you're crazy about bird designs, but want something different than the classic stork, try these owl scissors on for size. Available at While She Naps, these silver beauties can be Mommy's downtime treasure. 

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    Neon Putford Scissors

    Putford Mini Scissors
    Purl Soho

    Putford scissors have tiny blades and large round handles, giving them an almost comical look. But that's what makes them so cute! Plus, these tiny scissors are surprisingly easy to get your fingers into. Putford scissors come in a variety of colors, but this neon pair is a Purl Soho exclusive.

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    Travel Embroidery Scissors

    Tiny Embroidery Scissors
    Shiny Happy World

    These travel scissors consistently do the job, despite their tiny size. And get this—they are small enough to fit inside a mint tin and are completely TSA approved! The pretty pink leather sheath makes them the perfect companion for your next flight. Find them (as well as other fun stitching items) at Shiny Happy World.

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    Unicorn Scissors

    Unicorn embroidery scissors


    Unicorn scissors add magic to a young embroiderer's ensemble. And this pair, available from CraftyWoolFelt, is a great inclusion for a starter kit. The design is brilliant—the blades of the scissors form the horn of the unicorn. Plus, having a frolicking mythical creature just makes embroidering more fun. 

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    Marbleized Embroidery Scissors

    Marbleized Scissors

    DMC stocks just about everything an embroiderer could ask for, and scissors are no exception. While they have a plethora of styles to choose from, this marbleized version adds colorful handles to an otherwise run-of-the-mill pair. Buy them, along with other tools, at your local shop or through DMC's online store.

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    Handmade Embroidery Scissors

    #31 Handmade Embroidery Scissors
    The French Needle

    If you can't resist a splurge—especially when it comes to your craft—these exquisite handmade embroidery scissors from The French Needle come complete with a handmade wooden box. Crafted from steel by French artist M. Jean-Marie Roulot of Nogent, each work of art will run you upwards of $500! 

If you have trouble finding the exact scissor from the retailers listed, email them or search the web to see if others may carry your desired pair. Or, shop vintage embroidery scissors on eBay to round out your collection.