10 Types of Unique Crochet Dresses

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These ten categories of crochet dresses - from freeform crochet to use of niche techniques - offer vast inspiration for any crocheter.

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    Freeform Crochet Dresses

    Example of Freeform Crochet
    Prudence Mapstone

    Freeform crochet is a fabulous niche of crochet where you don't use a pattern but instead just crochet in any stitches and direction that your heart desires, creating a work of art out of your imagination. Freeform crochet dresses take this approach to creative crochet and use the structure of dressmaking to make truly unique wearable designs.

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    Designer Crochet Dresses

    Celia B. Crochet Dress
    Celia B.

    Some of the biggest names in fashion design occasionally put crochet on the runway. It isn't common since crochet has to be entirely handmade, but it happens on a few runways every season and it's always a delight to see. There are a handful of designers that specialize almost entirely in knitwear and crochet, like Celia B.

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    Crochet Mini Dresses

    Upcycled Crochet Dress
    Kathryn Vercillo

    The mini dress is such an iconic fashion item all on its own. Make it in crochet and you've got something really unique since crochet is often more associated with a bohemian maxi dress look.

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    Crochet Maxi Dresses

    Crochet Maxi Dress
    Debbie Elkes

    They may be more common and less unusual but there's nothing about crochet maxi dresses that can go wrong and some of them do have really unique designs and styles that are intriguing to look at and inspiring for crocheters! The one you see pictured here was crocheted by ‚ÄčDebbie Elkes for a drag queen's event.

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    Crochet Wedding Dresses

    Crochet Wedding Dress Pattern
    Bonita Patterns

    There is no dress on the planet more unique for the person wearing it than the wedding dress. Crochet at weddings is increasingly common. A one-of-a-kind handmade crochet dress is a really special item indeed, whether you make it yourself or purchase it from someone who crafted it lovingly for you. The attention to detail makes every crochet wedding dress unique.

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    Vintage Crochet Dresses

    1970s vintage crochet wedding dress by Mady Gerrard
    Mady Gerrard

    There are so many stunning crochet dress patterns from the past, whether you're talking about wartime crochet in the early 20th century or retro crochet from the 1970s. Look no further than these patterns for unique crochet dresses to make today! The vintage crochet mini dress that you see pictured here was designed by Mady Gerrard.

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    Crochet Dresses for Kids

    Little Watermelon Crochet Dress Pattern
    Julie Lapalme

    Many crocheters prefer to make garments for kids than for adults because they use less yarn, don't take as long to make and look so darn cute on the little ones. There are definitely some great unique crochet dresses for kids! The one pictured here is the Watermelon Crochet Dress by Julie of Little Squirrel.

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    Crochet Dresses Made Using Niche Techniques

    Ruffled Crochet Dress Pattern
    Ira Rott

    There are so many different niche techniques in crochet - Tunisan, Tapestry and Broomstick Lace are just a few examples. Each one of these techniques can be used in patterns to make unique crochet dresses. The one shown here is an Ira Rott crochet dress pattern.

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    Granny Square Crochet Dresses

    Crochet granny square dress

    The granny square is such a great motif and it can be used so many different ways, including in the design of beautiful crochet dresses. Whether you use large granny squares or tiny ones, you'll make an impact in a granny chic dress. The one shown here is by RuchkiKruchkI.

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    Crochet Art Dresses

    Crochet Sundae Dress
    Joy Kampia O'Shell

    Some crochet dresses aren't even made to wear; they're made as works of art and/ or portions of art exhibits. The crochet sundae dress here is an example from artist Joy Kampia O'Shell.