Crochet Fashion: 10 Most Unique Crochet Dress Patterns

Get Inspired by These Original Designs

Caribbean Clothing Including Beach Crochet
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There are crochet clothes; then there is crochet fashion. Crochet fashion takes things to the next level. It celebrates color, texture, stitches, and creative design. These ten crochet dress patterns are all next-level examples of crochet fashion. Make one for a special occasion.

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    Crochet Summer Wedding Dress Pattern

    Crochet Beach Wedding Dress Pattern

    Concept Creative 

    This crochet dress was designed for the summer bride who is planning a beach wedding. It's perfect for that. However, it's also an excellent example of versatile crochet fashion. You could easily wear it to a wide range of events.

    It's all in the details with this one. The beautiful back has a center inspired by vintage doilies. However, it's an entirely contemporary design. The pattern comes in two sizes, but it seems to be easily adaptable, particularly to different lengths. There are detailed row-by-row instructions to help you easily create this stunning dress.

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    Hairpin Lace Silk Crochet Dress Pattern

    Hairpin Lace Crochet Dress Pattern

    Stitch Diva 

    If you use a unique crochet technique combined with the perfect yarn then you can easily create a high fashion dress. This dress uses hairpin lace, which is easy to learn and makes such an eye-catching design. It's worked using a silk blend yarn, making for an elegant, luxurious piece of crochet fashion.

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    Ocean Vista Dress Free Crochet Pattern

    Free Crochet Dress Pattern

     Andrea Graciarena, Free Crochet

    Here is another crochet dress that uses some unique techniques. It incorporates broomstick lace, which is such a stunning openwork technique. It also includes Tunisian crochet. Those two techniques enhance other basic crochet stitches. The result is a really original piece of crochet fashion that you can be proud to wear anywhere.

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    Crochet Peacock Lace Dress Pattern

    Crochet Peacock Lace Dress Pattern


    This openwork crochet lace pattern actually looks a little bit like hairpin lace. However, it's worked in regular crochet stitches. It's a peacock-inspired motif joined together in an original way. You'll have to wear a slip dress underneath this one, which is actually right on trend with fashion.

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    Crochet Chain Dress Free Pattern

    Crochet Chain Dress Free Pattern

    Abigail Haze, Ravelry 

    This crochet dress is designed as a swimsuit cover-up. However, it's such a unique design that it would be a shame to limit it to just the beach. Wear a cute slip underneath it, add some heels, and you have a really special off-the-shoulder dress for a night on the town. The design incorporates long stretches of crochet chains in such an original way.

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    Crochet Cover-Up Free Dress Pattern

    Crochet Beach Dress Free Pattern

    By Katerina 

    This is another crochet dress that was originally designed as a beach cover-up but you can dress it up to create a high-fashion dress. The original shaping shows off a lot of leg with a v-shaped dip in the center, making this look like a dress for dancing. The fringe adds that extra touch. What really takes this up to the level of crochet fashion, though, is the smart use of ombre yarn.

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    Granny Crochet Dress Free Pattern

    Granny Crochet Dress Free Pattern

    Snakewood & Grace, Ravelry 

    This is a really simple crochet dress pattern. It has a granny square tank for the top and then similar granny stitching for the rest of the dress. However, the graphic pop takes it to that next level that makes it true crochet fashion. As you can see from the photo, a little bit of styling really takes this one a long way. It is a highly adaptable pattern that you can easily make in any size.

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    Diamond Dress Free Crochet Pattern

    Crochet Diamond Dress Free Pattern

    Just DD Design 

    Crochet fashion can be over the top. However, it doesn't have to be. Little details that are perfectly well executed are a hallmark of strong fashion. This dress is a perfect example of that. The stitches are simple double crochet but the spacing that creates the subtle diamonds elevates the design. The rope belt cinches the deal.

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    Boho High-Low Crochet Dress Pattern

    Boho High-Low Crochet Dress Pattern

    Olga Antonova 

    This crochet dress celebrates the ongoing trend of high-low asymmetrical fashion. It has a boho vibe that's perfect for the kind of music festivals, like Coachella, where crochet fashion reigns supreme. It's fun to make, combining crochet motifs with working in rows and rounds. It's even more fun to wear.

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    Boardwalk Dress Crochet Pattern

    Boardwalk Dress Crochet Pattern

    The Queen Stitch 

    There are three key details that make this dress a piece of crochet fashion. First is the really unique straps that have a fabulous colorwork design. Second is the strip across the bottom that differs from the strap details but complements it in a very cohesive way. Finally, there is a lace-up detail on the sides that you just don't see that often.