Unique Bento Box Quilt Patterns

Create a Variety of Looks with Bento Box Quilt Designs

Bento Box quilt patterns vary in appearance and can be assembled using a variety of techniques. The three patterns below all result in a Bento Box quilt, but each has its own unique appearance. Choose the method that appeals most to your sewing style and customize the fabrics to sew one of these gorgeous quilts.

Experiment with colors and different types of fabric to create a quilt that's all about you, no matter what type of quilt you decide to create.

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    Nine Patch Bento Box Quilt Pattern

    Nine Patch Bento Box Quilt Pattern
    Nine Patch Bento Box Quilt Pattern. Copyright Janet Wickell

    The Nine-Patch Bento Box quilt pattern (one block is shown here) was a 2015 New Year's Day mystery quilt design. The mystery has ended and now you can sew the quilt in the normal way, rather than read the sneaky instructions required for a mystery. Blocks finish at 15" square and are assembled using strip piecing techniques.

    The nine patch center and bars of different sizes give this Bento Box quilt a unique in appearance.

    The pattern explains how to make 20 quilt blocks.

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    Sew and Slice Bento Box Quilt Pattern

    Bento Box Quilt Block Pattern
    Sew four Bento Box corners together to assemble each quilt block. Janet Wickell

    These Bento Box quilt blocks are assembled by sewing two parent quilt blocks with light and dark fabrics in opposite positions. Each of the parent blocks is cut into quarters, and then the reversed contrast quarters are sewn into rows to complete the final quilt blocks.

    This Bento Box technique is much like the slice-and-dice method we use to make Disappearing Nine Patch quilt blocks and is very easy -- perfect for beginning quilters. 

    Quilt blocks finish at 12" square.

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    Easy Bento Box Quilt Block Pattern

    How to Make a Bento Box Quilt
    Learn How to Make a Bento Box Quilt. Janet Wickell

    This 12" square block is assembled in a more traditional way -- each quadrant of the block is sewn separately before rows are joined. The pattern is a good choice if you'd like to make a scrap quilt from 2-1/2" wide jelly roll strips, although you do have to choose the strips carefully to make sure they provide good contrast.

    Jelly rolls are precut strips of coordinated fabrics that are available with varying numbers of strips.

    Jelly roll strips make the task easy, but they aren't required. Cut your own selvage width strips from any combination of fabrics.

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