Stitch the Magic: Unicorn Inspired Cross Stitch Patterns

Get Happy with Unicorn Inspired Cross Stitch Patterns

Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Be the unicorn. Do you instantly revert to your 12-year-old self when you see a unicorn? Do you want to put your hair in a side pony, sport your rainbow t-shirt and crank up Duran Duran? Unicorns combine everything that little and big girls love; horses, rainbows, and magic. We secretly want to ride one over the rainbow and meet the person of our dreams. It could totally happen! Don't deny it! Below is just a sampling of the best unicorn cross stitch patterns out there. They will make your inner 12-year-old squeal with delight. 

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    Unicorns and Rainbows

    Unicorn Rainbow. Andwabisabi / Etsy

    Nothing goes better with unicorns than rainbows! They go together like peanut butter and jelly, chocolate and chip, puppies and kids. Seriously, they are the best ever. Andwabisabi created the best of both worlds with her rainbow unicorn shooting through the sky. This pattern is fun for kids of any age; from 2 to 42! How can you be sad with this pattern? It is not possible. This is just one of the fab patterns that Andwabisabi has in her Etsy store. Check it out and ride the rainbow today! 

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    I have a Unicorn

    I Have a Unicorn. Grannie Panties / Etsy

    Do you have some people in your life that just drive you crazy? No matter what, they just want to argue. They are annoying and will never stop. Want to know the best way to shut those negative nellies up? Just tell them you have a unicorn. That statement will stop them in their tracks. Argument stopped, happy times abound! Thanks to Grannie's Panties (best store name ever) you don't have to say anything and can just point to the cross stitch. How great would this cross stitch be framed in an office? Someone starts sassing...just point to the cross stitch. You can purchase the pattern, as well as other fun stuff on her site.

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    Get Rolling

    Roller-Skating Unicorn. Ugly Baby / Etsy

     The only way to make unicorns any better is to put them on roller skates. That is just what Ugly Baby Designs did. Not only do you get the pattern, but you get an entire kit and guess what, this kit is for winners! Don't believe me, just check out the label. Along with this kit, their shop offers up other unicorn awesomeness with floss organizers, resin jewelry and fun shirts.

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    Smell the Rainbow

    Rainbows are Unicorn Farts. Sundown Stitcher / Etsy

     Look up in the sky? See that beautiful rainbow? Is it just light reflection? Nope, it is a unicorn breaking wind. Bright sunny colorful rainbows. While most gas is not a fun thing to think about, spraying rainbows everywhere is sunny and bright. You can't be mad at a unicorn for passing wind when something so fab is the result, right? This fun pattern is available from Sundown Stitcher. It is funny, cute and would be totally awesome in a unicorn themed bathroom.