2-Drop Peyote Stitch Diagrams

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    Even Count 2 Drop Peyote Rows 1 Through 3

    First three rows of even-count two-drop peyote stitch, The thread path for the first three rows of even-count two-drop flat peyote stitch
    The Spruce / Chris Franchetti Michaels

    Two-drop peyote stitch is a variation of peyote stitch where you pick up two beads in every stitch instead of one. Just like the standard stitch, it has both an even-count and an odd-count version, where the stitch path varies slightly depending on whether the row has an even number of beads or an odd number of beads.

    Your two drop peyote beadwork is an even count peyote stitch if it has an even number of two-bead vertical columns. Your two drop peyote is an odd-count peyote stitch if it has an odd number of two-bead columns.

    In the diagrams above, the rounded squares represent beads. Notice that there are four two-bead columns. Because four is an even number, this is the even-count version of the stitch.

    To begin, pick up all of the beads for the first two rows (beads 1 through 8 in the diagrams).  With peyote stitch, the horizontal rows are offset by one half of a bead. The first two rows get pulled into their offset position when you stitch the third row.

    Hold the strung beads between your fingers, and then pick up two beads to start the third row (beads 9 through 10 in the diagrams).

    Skip two beads in the initial strand and pass back through the next two beads. Pull the thread taut so that the two beads you just picked up ​the stack on top of the last two beads in the first row.

    Pick up another pair of beads (beads 11 through 12) and pass through the next two beads in the previous row. Pull the thread taut again.

    When you reach the end of the third row, you're ready to make a turn.

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    Even-Count 2 Drop Peyote Row 4

    The fourth row of two-drop peyote and the start of the fifth row, The fourth row of two-drop peyote completed and the fifth row begun
    The Spruce / Chris Franchetti Michaels

    To begin the next row, reverse direction and pick up two more beads. Skip the first pair of low beads and pass through the first pair of high beads.

    Continue stitching two beads at a time, skipping pairs of low beads and passing through high beads. Begin the fourth row the same way you began the third row, by reversing direction and stitching another pair of beads.

    That's all there is to even count two-drop peyote stitch. When you finish your design, weave in and end the thread the same way you would with regular peyote, treating each pair of beads as if it were single beads.

    For the special turn in odd-count two-drop peyote, see below.

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    Odd Count 2 Drop Peyote Turn

    Odd-count two-drop peyote stitch turn, Suggested thread path for making the turn at the end of every other row of beadwork
    The Spruce / Chris Franchetti Michaels

    Odd count two-drop peyote stitch has an odd number of two bead vertical columns. Just like with regular odd-count peyote, you need to make a special turn at the end of every other row to position your needle to begin the next row.

    Although there are several ways that you can make the turn, the thread path shown in the diagram above is one of the most popular. After picking up the final two beads in the row, you reverse direction and pass back into the first, second, and third columns of double beads as shown.

    You then reverse direction again and pass back out through the edge of the beadwork, and then through the last two beads that you stitched one more time. You can now pick up the next set of two beads to begin the next row.