Twitter and Photography Go Hand-in-Hand

Discover the Photography Tweets You Should be Following

Twitter is massive and trying to find specific photography accounts can feel like wandering through a supermarket with all the labels removed from the cans.  Trying to find great photography feeds is equally frustrating. 

To help you get started and make sure you're not missing that one great tweet, we've put together a list of Twitter accounts that photographers really should follow. Use these as a jumping off point as you find inspiration and work on your own social media campaigns.

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    Camera Brands

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    Whatever brand camera you shoot with, follow that feed first.  This is a great way to keep up to date on promotions, coupons, recalls, and new products.  It can also be a useful for finding quick help to a problem when normal customer service channels fail.

    Do be aware that many camera companies have separate accounts for different countries. If you're outside the U.S. try searching Twitter for the company account for you country. Products and promotions will be tailored to each individual market.

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    Your Photo Editing Software

    Following your favorite photo editing software also makes good use of your time on Twitter. You can use it to get the latest product updates and these accounts are always sharing useful tips.

    Inspiration abounds in the Twitter feeds of camera and software companies. Many times the account will share innovative images, share stories from other photographers, and provide valuable insights into the latest trend. Did you create something you think they'd like to showcase? Tag the company account in your tweet.

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    Photographer Organizations

    Professional photographers and those just starting out in the industry will want to follow the professional organizations that promote the medium. There are many to choose from and each will give you insight into specialties within the field as well as the latest news and issues that affect your career.

    These organizations are also a great way to discover other photographers to follow. Keep an eye out for shooters working in your style and follow them to learn what tricks they've used to build a successful career.

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    Great Photographers

    Photography is a visual medium and no photographer can improve without looking at the work of others. Twitter is filled with talented professionals and it is impossible to list all of them. Instead, here are a few noteworthy photographers that are worth following.

    As you begin to follow photographers, keep your eye out for others to add to your network. Also, for marketing ideas, pay attention to the voice the top shooters use in their tweets, what grabs the most attention, and be sure to explore photo related hashtags.

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    Inspiring Photos

    Instagram is the ultimate social media network for finding inspiring photos, but Twitter has a lot of amazing work as well. These accounts are perfect for a daily dose of photo inspiration. They share images, quotes, and a great variety of resources you'll find valuable.

    Stuck in a Twitter rut? Browse the hashtags and topics listed in the Trends box on your Twitter home page. It is customized for your personal interest and a simple click can often lead you on a new adventure of tweets.