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Learn how to do Tunisian crochet by watching free Tunisian crochet videos!

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    Afghan Stitch Video

    Tunisian Simple Stitch
    Tunisian Simple Stitch. Afghan Stitch / Tunisian Simple Stitch -- Pictures © Amy Solovay

    This is a short, basic video demonstrating Tunisian simple stitch, otherwise known as afghan stitch.

    More Tunisian Simple Stitch:

    • If the video moved too fast for you, or if you discover that you are unable to view videos, you might wish to check out my afghan stitch photo tutorial.
    • Need a free pattern for practicing your Tunisian simple stitch? Try this easy potholder, which is pictured at left. You'll find more free patterns in my directory of Tunisian crochet patterns.
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    Tunisian Knit Stitch Video at Vimeo.com

    Here's another video in the same series as the one posted above. Again, I was unable to hear any sound, but it isn't needed for this video.

    More Tunisian Knit Stitch:

    If the video moved too fast for you (or you discover that you're unable to view video for whatever reason,) and you'd like to see some still photos of how to do this stitch, be sure to visit my Tunisian knit stitch tutorial.

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    Learn How to Do Tunisian Crochet in the Round

    Once you've mastered Tunisian crochet worked in rows, you'll discover that there are limitations. Sure, there are zillions of different ways you can use it, but what if you want to crochet a tube in a Tunisian crochet stitch?

    Well, of course, you can crochet a rectangle and then seam it up the side to make your tube. That's one possibility, although it isn't as elegant as a seamless tube would be. But how do you crochet a seamless tube in Tunisian crochet?

    It is possible!

    I've rounded up a list of videos and tutorials demonstrating this technique.