8 New Tunisian Crochet Shawl Patterns

Sharon Silverman releases new crochet pattern book

Tunisian Shawls
Tunisian Crochet Shawls Book. Leisure Arts

Last year crochet designer Sharon Silverman released a terrific collection of Tunisian crochet baby blanket patterns and other Tunisian crochet for baby. This year she's introducing sophisticated Tunisian crochet designs for mom (and other women) with a new Leisure Arts publication of crochet shawl patterns. Tunisian Shawls features 8 different patterns for stylish wraps.

About the Crochet Shawl Patterns

Tunisian Shawls begins with a beautiful lightweight top-down crochet pattern that alternates V-stitch stripes in two colors, two stitches and varying widths.

The result is a stunning crochet shawl that has magnificent drape and contemporary style.

A few of my other favorite crochet shawl patterns in this book include:

  • Cables and Hearts. Tunisian Crochet is known for creating a knit-like look with crochet and what says knit more than cabling?! This romantic, flirty crochet shawl is perfect for almost any occasion.
  • Fair Isle Winter Capelet. Fair Isle is another technique borrowed from knitting and it works up really well in this lovely pattern. Worked in Tunisian crochet, it looks a lot like beautiful  tapestry crochet work in a finer knit stitch. The wide "capelet" shape creates a garment that is warm and cozy.
  • Popover Wedges. This unique crochet pattern utilizes multi-colored yarn and the working of short rows to create a very original design. It has a graphic edge and yet retains a softness at the same time.

More About this Crochet Book

This crochet book is published by Leisure Arts.

It is available as both a paperback book and an ebook. The book comes with bonus online material, a bonus feature that we're increasingly seeing for crochet books and a trend that I'm appreciating! The bonus videos for this book will help you learn the Tunisian crochet stitches and techniques needed to complete the patterns in the book.

Of course, all of the information is there in the pages of the book itself but some people learn better from videos than they do from photos and text so it's great that there are additional options.

About the Crochet Designer

Sharon Silverman a Pennsylvania-based crochet designer, a professional member of the CGOA, a design member of TNNA and an expert in Tunisian crochet. Something I said about her in a previous book review I wrote was:

"What I love about her books is that there is always a theme to them and the items in the books are cohesive to that theme but each individual item is also unique from the others. She doesn’t repeat a lot of things in each book so you really get the most learning and pattern options possible when working through what she’s created."

This statement definitely holds up when looking at this newest book in the author's collection.