How to Do Tunisian Crochet in the Round

Tunisian crochet needles and crocheted ball

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Did you know that Tunisian crochet can be worked in the round, seamlessly? It's true! The secret: you need a double-ended crochet hook and a little bit of know-how, plus of course some yarn or fiber. A locking stitch marker is also helpful to have on hand. There are alternate versions of the "in the round" technique which utilize other types of hooks, sometimes a circular crochet hook and sometimes a Tunisian crochet hook with flexible extension at the end.

The following links will teach you everything else you need to know.

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    Tunisian Crochet in the Round Video Tutorial

    Double ended crochet needles

    grizzlymountainarts / Flickr / CC BY 2.0


    This video tutorial is posted at the Laughing Willow blog.

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    Afghan Stitch in the Round Video

    Woman crocheting the afghan stitch

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    Clover has a vested interest in teaching you how to do this technique, as they manufacture double-ended Tunisian crochet hooks. It's torn between being a "tutorial" or an "infomercial but either way, it's a quality video.

    In these videos, the demonstrator shows you how to work an afghan stitch in the round, and also shows a variety of different ideas for cute projects you can make—hats, bags, wrist warmers, socks and more.

    You can find additional resources on Clover's English-language website.

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    More Resources

    Close up of tunisian crochet stitching

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    At the GoCrochet Blog Ellen Gormley discusses Tunisian crochet in the round, which she used to crochet a Tunisian backpack.