10 Tree Ornaments Your Kids Will Love

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    10 Tree Ornaments Your Kids Will Love

    10 Tree Ornaments Your Kids Will Love

    I always say, you can never have too many ornaments! I think the homemade ornaments are the best ones. They hold such precious memories and make wonderful gifts for friends and family. Get your kids involved in the holiday crafting with these 10 tree ornaments that they're going to love! 

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    Cinnamon Stick Tree Ornaments

    Cinnamon Stick Tree Ornaments
    Crafts Unleashed

    We are loving these sweet little Christmas tree ornaments. The colorful buttons are such a cute touch. Craft these with your kiddos and put them on your tree this year. 

    Cinnamon Stick Tree Ornaments from Crafts Unleashed

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    Fingerprint Salt Dough Christmas Tree

    Fingerprint Salt Dough Christmas Tree
    Emma Owl

    Little hands can use their fingers to make these salt dough ornaments. Use any salt dough recipe!

    Fingerprint Salt Dough Christmas Tree from Emma Owl

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    DIY Felt Nutcracker Ornaments

    DIY Felt Nutcracker Ornaments
    Make and Takes

    How cute are these Nutcracker ornaments made from felt? They are simple, delicate, and will look 100% on your Christmas tree.

    DIY Felt Nutcracker Ornaments from Make and Takes

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    Wooden Sled Ornament

    Wooden Sled Ornament
    Fireflies + Mudpies

    Make miniature red sleds to put on your tree. Popsicles sticks are about all you need for this simple kids craft.

    Wooden Sled Ornament from Fireflies + Mud Pies

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    Bead and Pipe Cleaner Icicle Ornaments

    Bead and Pipe Cleaner Icicle Ornaments
    Happy Hooligans

    These icicle ornaments are different, beautiful, and tons of fun to make for kids. I think a bunch of these all over a Christmas tree would be beautiful.

    Bead and Pipe Cleaner Icicle Ornaments from Happy Hooligans

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    Burlap Reindeer Ornament

    Burlap Reindeer Ornament
    The Resourceful Mama

    Play all the reindeer games with these Rudolph the Reindeer burlap ornaments. Don't forget the red pom poms for the red-noses!

    Burlap Reindeer Ornament from The Resourceful Mama

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    Pom Pom Christmas Photo Ornaments

    Pom Pom Christmas Photo Ornaments
    One Little Project

    These photo ornaments are perfect for gifting to grandparents or other loved ones. Pop a school picture inside the middle of the pom poms and display them on your tree.

    Pom Pom Christmas Photo Ornaments from One Little Project

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    Mini Yarn Hat Ornaments

    Mini Yarn Hat Ornaments
    Easy Peasy and Fun

    This might be my favorite ornament project of the bunch. These mini yarn hats are just too cute!

    Mini Yarn Hat Ornaments from Easy Peasy and Fun

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    Easy Accordion Tree Ornaments

    Easy Accordion Tree Ornaments
    Mom On Timeout

    Use these accordion tree ornaments to decorate your tree or use as gift toppers.

    Easy Accordion Tree Ornaments from Mom On Timeout

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    Craft Stick and Salt Snowflakes

    Marie Lebaron

    This is a great craft for any child, but especially those who live in warmer areas and are craving a little snow around the holidays. Either place lightly in the branches of your tree as a branch topper or attach a little string and hang.

    Craft Stick and Salt Snowflakes from The Spruce